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A simple yet useful tool, great work

Thanks, ever since I've saw your demo game and all the work you've been doing you've motivated me to use Gdevelop, I was having doubts on the game engine at first but I was wrong

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I'm planning to download this later on in a few days after the bundle ends, but I bought the bundle now.

Will i still be able to activate it?

I'd appreciate your reply.

This art is art beautiful, literally any one of these could be used as a background for my device, especially the field one which is on this page.

I was looking through this and I noticed how much detail has been put into everything, I don’t usually play TTRPGs but judging by this I’m going to give it a go.

Honestly, great job.

Ok, thanks.

Hey, I’ve just got this game. It’s not showing any steam keys can you help please?

I appreciate your reply, but I’d rather not use cracks due to legality reasons.

I’ll look into that, thanks.

Probably not.

If you're on windows you press download and get the new version (V51), after that you open the zip file and drag out the files.

Linux and MacOs aren't supported, maybe thats your problem?

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Great game only problem is having shift as shooting, as you're going to have to spam that at times and on windows pressing it 5 times continuously brings up the sticky keys popup window.  That's not really your fault however.

And it would've been nice to use A , D and W  for movement as that is near the shift so you only need to use one hand instead of 2.

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As far a i know "workn't" isn't a word lol

Anyways this game looks great, i love gameboy styled games. Ill try it out and leave my opinion on it

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any software they use for 2d games primarily platformers.
Is there any game creation software that’s available for free, with very little coding?
At first I was planning to use yoyo game maker, but I only just found out they removed 1.4 so it’s now £40 for 2.0.

That’ll be great, I’d definitely buy this as soon as it comes out.

Hey, do you know how much it would cost, i'd donate even if it's free.

Your game was amazing.

This game is retro perfection at it's best.  

The artwork is simple, yet so retro nostalgic.

I personally love the controls and the fact that hitting r will restart immediately. 

But imo, the best thing about this game is how integrated with the gameplay and well made the soundtrack is, it gives a sense of satisfaction throughout the game.

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I’ve played this on Apple Arcade, and it was stunning.

I’ve left a review on the AppStore.

For anyone wanting to get this, I’d recommend you do so, the artwork and gameplay is incredible.  I got about about 2-3 hours gameplay, but the replayability potential of this game is huge, theres many different ways you can go about the game each having a differrent result and a card collected and an achievement. And theres several different endings.

I'd reccomend paying attention for the beginning of the game though, when they have that intro. I overlooked it but it does give a few hints about the game.