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You can toggle fullscreen in the options when you pause

Can you please post the project files? I want to add some more content.

Cool game

Just watch the video.

You do get that just because it uses the arrow keys doesn't mean you can swear, right?

Great job! All I feel it needs is audio, but aside from that, it's perfect!

Just got the first 2.0 beta, was upset by the lack of spoon. 3/10. Please add spoon.


This one:

Anyone know what font is used on the title screen? I really like it, but I can't find it anywhere online. 

I'm just leaving a comment to keep up the streak we've built up in order to keep hype going for GB Studio 2.0.0! Who knows, maybe 2.0 will add multiple fonts, or a way to make .mod files in the software so you know how it'll sound before you import it! Or a spoon! I like spoon!

I hope that when 2.0 releases, the gameboy icon is updated to a gameboy color.

It was made in 2011