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Uruca Game Studio

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Great game!!!! \o/

Great video!!!! Thnks!!!! \o/

Wow!!!!! Beautifull! The best game of the jam so far!!! 

Irado de mais!!!  Achei sensacional o esquema de fazer as imgs 3D com o som ao fundo.  Já da a imersão cabulosa! Muito bom!!!! 

One of the best game of the Jam!!!!

Muito top o game de vocês!!!! ^^

Hi, in this time this games is only a concept. In the future, when finish our actual projects, we will return to this game and work on a solid project to him. Thanks for playing! Following us on facebook, twitter and instagram to know about our projects. See ya.

Acabo de atualizar a versão do game que estava com um bug no final. Não estava mostrando as menssagens certas. Nesta nova versão está corrigido.

sorry for answering so late! Im tested the link and its work fine here. What error msg appear to you? 

Hello!!! Thanks a loto for playing our game! ^^

Hi! Thank for playing our game! ^^ Im glad you liked this one. 

Thank you! ^^

Hey Guys, this is the game we development to the Ludum Dare 39 - Running Out of Power.

A game about a superhero who's losing his powers. Play the game and discover the real reason. 


pronto. Agora da para baixar