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I’ll get the legal text up today!

Excellent catch! I've updated Tenacious and Rabid. The Diseased mechanic now functions on a lower roll, and players can opt instead to take Harm but keep their original target. Last Gasp now functions, correctly, as a one-off "resurrect" which keeps the Tenacious beast in the fight!

The third sentence says challenger, so it should be OK! And also why it specifically denotes "the challenger, your opponent" for clarity!

Hi there! It has a lot of illustrations so I can see about a text-only more printer friendly version!

no, thank YOU for being interested in my game!!

Fantastic catch - fixed this in the new 1.1 file!

No worries! I’m hoping to have that full release w/layout and art ready by Christmas! 

The text-only file is a PDF file, and the full release will also be a PDF.

At the moment not, but I’d like to make some in the future! 

Hi folks! I'm putting together a paid bundle of games that were created for Caltrop Core Jam 1 and 2, to be advertised and sold to the general public! If you'd like to drop your game in and be a part of this bundle (which will launch May 15 and run for 1 month) you can sign up through this form!


Thank you! I hope you enjoy reading and playing ^^

i can extend the time!

Le jeu est un document avec 34 pages. 

Bonjour ! Vous avez accès à un fichier texte et à un PDF. Ces deux fichiers contiennent le contenu du jeu.

Nothing says bad time like horror!


Nobody gives the caterers for these space empires enough of the credit! 


!!! I love superhero family dynamics, and ngl I heard this and thought of The Incredibles. Extremely hype!

Making a physical pyramid out of dice sounds incredible!!

I'm looking forward to it, though I am curious about whether this is gonna be funny or deeply real.

Really simple - I’m super curious about what you’re planning to make. Post about it here!!

For games that were originally created/written in A4 size, are they permitted in the book provided they're resized to A5 in post-prod or do they need the A5 available now?

I'll be honest and say that the cover art almost made me too scared to open the rest of the game, but I'm glad that I did! Adam's managed to capture the tenseness of games like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, and Clock Tower on the page, trading in blocky PS2-era graphics and jerky controls for the flexibility of the FiTD system. A perfect game for any time you want to feel spooked!

Thank you ^^


So glad you were able to play! While this game’s intent is moreso “playing to lose” for narrative, you can absolutely reduce the number of tests for a larger playgroup to try and reach a win state! 

End of the Line is Itchfunding! It's a one page RPG system in the vein of Final Destination. Roll d4s and try not to die in grimly hilarious ways! Itchfunding money will go to the release of an SRD, the creation of new scenarios, and actual character sheets!

It's always nice to see d4 fans! Too many people hate on it :(

thank you for your love!! I hope more people come to appreciate the d4 one day ^^

Hi folks! Just made this topic because I was curious about what people were thinking of working on!

I'm not gonna be doing a hack of ECB, but I was planning on making a supplement called Operation GDN which justifies having new backgrounds, new departments, new powers, and a set of missions involving paranormal forces and phenomena being taken and exploited by other forces that the ECB have to take back!

Hi everyone! Just posting to announce the release of my new solo journalling game Turo-Turo! You play the owner of a cafeteria in the cyberpunk future of Metro Manila - think of this as a love letter to streetside food joints and real food in an artificial world.

You can download it here - every dollar spent on the game means I add another Community Copy!

The cover for Turo-Turo: Analog Food In A Digital Future

Sounds adorable, and I can't wait to see it!

Lost and found naturally evokes the ideas of toys to me, so I'd like to create a game based around "companion toys", and the children/children at heart who bring them into their hearts.