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Wavey v2.13 updates:

- New gameplay menu in options giving re-spawn options for ignoring checkpoints ('Hard Restarting') - A new higher difficulty hidden level on the map!
- New UI back end that fixes a number of bugs in menus with cursor and controller cross compatibility
- Updated timer with higher millisecond fidelity
- Fixed some bugs with the end of level triggers regarding UI and camera motion

Wavey v2.6 updates:

- The exit button in the start screen main menu now actually closes the game!
- The right analogue stick vertical axis can now be used to control the wave amplitude.
- You can now use the 'T' key to instantly hard restart a level, in turn resetting your time, deaths, score to 0. You will also loose any gems collected during that run.
- A temporary fix has been put in place to stop the 'pause during death' loop by breaking out if it happens, full fix in process...
- When exiting to the map using a controller, the cursor will be revealed unpon reaching the map scene. This is a temporary fix to stop a bug with the multi-input format compatibility.
- The saving system should now correctly store your highest stats - this is in response to a bug where a faster time did not overwrite a previous record

Wavey Update!

Today we are releasing the EGX 2018 build for anyone to play! This is a big update to the old build that introduces a set of fully redesigned levels, an updated Boss and a themed, top down level select zone. We hope you enjoy the updates! 

Please join us on Discord and share your experiences and high scores with our growing community. 

Direct link to discord can be found on our website

Great work!


Patch Update:

- Quality settings changed to standard by default 

- Valve arrangements at end of levels have been modified