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Untamed Artifact

A member registered Sep 28, 2020

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Cute game, Loved the ending! I'd really love to see more added to this

Decrease window size and nerf zombies a little, otherwise great game :3

Been loading for ~35 minutes


Thanks! Glad to see this game still getting updates 👍

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Tool tips like to run off the screen

Edit: The True Ascension Achievement Is unobtainable(I've already reset save data and beat in normal form to make sure it is)

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Keep your placeables either atleast 4 units away from the wall or right up against it ^^

also put like 2 units atleast of space between items like bowls or right next to each other so the cats dont try to run through them and become a tornado :3

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Quite a bit of time of gameplay but definitely worth it :3(most of the time was putting stuff in the right spots on the second carpet)
Game is Amazing, I love it so much, amazing graphics, and I love all the features. I was addicted from the get-go :3

I saw on one of the comments that suggested an autofeeder that you would limit them to three bags so people can't leave their game off overnight and come back to a gazillion coins, and I have a suggestion to prevent it. You could 1. make coins despawn if not picked up for a certain amount of time (around a minute or two i'd say), and/or 2. Make an "are you still playing" popup where it pauses the game every 15-30 minutes or something like that, and the resume button could be in a random spot on the screen (to prevent a macro auto clicking the resume button). :3

Could you possibly make it a little bit easier to pet the kitties? It's quite difficult to get a pet in before they run off and most of the time I can't get a pet in at all. Thanks! :3

I've loved the game, but can you add a way to buy an item multiple times at once? Other than that game is perfect<3


Regeneration potion doesnt show up on the shelf

Please add fullscreen :3

Loved this

  On My First Game  
Branch 1 — 21 Days
Branch 2 — 24 Days 
Branch 3 — 23 Days 

Some tips:_________     

  • Best mix is 10 Milk, 3 sugar, and 10 boba.(you can do this on first day)
  • On your first day buy refrigerator. 
  • Click the sliders in the top right and use fast mode.
  • If customers say it's too sweet, you can either reduce the amount of milk, or reduce the amount of sugar.
  • If customers say it needs more boba, you can either reduce milk amount, or add more boba.
  • If your mouse cursor at any point dissapears and/or you can't move it, press esc.
  • Go play the full game!!!!!(https://store.steampowered.com/app/1847510/Boba_Simulator__Idle_Shop_Management/)

Loved this game keep up the good work brother

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im glad to see this game still getting updates, will there be a use for diamonds and gold in the future?

Loved this little game! Wish I would've thought to shift click while building earlier on tho, would've saved me a lot of time. 

i had a flawless one life run until last part, 1.34.50

The game ever.

Best game I have ever played, you've truly outdone yourself on this masterpiece.

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Fun little physics-puzzle game, I'd love to see more levels!

Distance: 2335


Top Speed: 41.87

oh okay! Later when though? lol

how do you even mix the colors in the chemical combinator???

Ok! Good to know, Thanks!

So the browser and the download versions will just be like a demo/miniature version and the steam will be a full version?

So I opened the game and on the start screen at the bottom it said "Devkit keyboard enabled",
what was that about?

nvm it does i just didnt have coa

it doesn't work

how do i smelt?

nvm figured it out, black bricks spawn at level 101+

How do I get BB?

Beat it. Split, this was a really good game took Me 23 minutes to beat it but the game itself is amazing. Please do add more levels if You're not already. Thanks!

nvm figured it out lol

how do i finish third level?!?

When do you unlock upgrades???

post a walkthrough

im stuck on the one of the first few