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Nah, new save.
Though, could it be because I'm replacing the old files with the new ones? I do that often.

Quite frequently, after finishing a battle, the screen that shows how much XP you've gained appears with no info, locking the game, forcing you to restart the game and load a save to continue

I'd love to see all the things you make with this asset pack, this girl in particular looks great.

I'd love to see more work done on this, it's a great concept

Unironically, one of the best games I've played

Graf just can't leave well enough alone, can he

Can you add on to this? I love this game and this pic.

According to the institute for human brain and cognitive sciences, healthy individuals can distinguish fiction from reality at the age of five.

The real question is then: Why can't you?

Once more:
Fictional characters aren't real, dumbass.

No need to.
Subscribestar is a good option.
Besides. It's not real.

Subscribestar is your best bet

I bet it's the menhera freak that's been harassing Mofu for the past year

Use subscribestar instead, they know the difference between fantasy and reality

That cock looks big enough to crawl inside

Alright guys
It's good now 👍

Great game

It's a trojan

I have a few folders containing the same games and I must've used an exe from a folder that the games are borked in, and now the games don't work.
My pc might as well be bricked. There's no feasible way I can think of to play your games anymore unless I buy a new pc/buy the games again or something.

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I have many folders from previous attempts to get the games running, post Flash EOL, but to no avail, and I must've used one of them, and now I can't get ANY of the games to run, not even on my virtual machine.

Can you port your games to unity or something?

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Nothing happens when I try and run them what's happened
I've been trying to get them to run for years since flash got screwed up and now they won't even play

Why won't they run anymore

They won't run anymore.

Thanks anyway. If you do find anything out though, please don't hesitate to let me know, it'd be very much appreciated~

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Oh, okay.
The art and game style looked similar to me, my bad.
Any idea who could've made them?
svipvids doesn't give any clues..

There seems to be a huge amount of games you've made that I can only find mention of in the early pages of 
Games like Critical Strike, Alice vs Asuka, Magical Girl: Endless Will, Work-2-3 and the Dick Chick Wrestling series.
Can you please release them?

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What would you recommend I use?
Oracle VM works just fine.
Bomb's games are very much worth the effort of setting up a virtual machine, plus you can play some Pinball afterward.

Can you release something like a frontend or launcher for your flash games? I can't play any of them anymore

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I'm sorry, I was just showing you which channels still had the bogus discord link in them, you didn't have to ban me ;-;

Did something happen to your Fanbox, or are you just not posting on it?


Proud of you all the same, keep it up

Looks great so far

A true hero

Can we at least have a tag called  "Not a visual novel" so I can filter out visual novels? Way too many of them nowadays

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Can you please make this playable off browser or reupload the game or something? Whenever I play on-browser, I still get version 0.1 with no new content to be found.

I tried but couldn't, I don't have a patreon account

Keep going with Weird Planet.

Oh cool.

Where can we play 0.3?

..then can you put it back?

Why does it still say 0.1 test build?

Loving this game