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Thank you!!

The site to buy a hard copy appears to be down. FYI!

Full disclosure: I got to playtest this product for free.

I played through this last weekend and highly recommend anyone giving it a go!

The hex map and open-ended challenges and prompts combined with a story that has a specific beginning and end worked really well.

Wendigo is a good solo game for when you don't want to just wander around or figure out your own story but still feel like you're experiencing a story game and not just rolling dice overcome challenges like a pure board game. I also love the definite end-point. I don't have to wonder when the story will feel "done enough."

It also offers the rogue-lite (to borrow a video game term) element of permanent upgrades between playthroughs to incentivize playing again. I don't think I would be able to jump right back in, myself, but I could see trying again after a while. I also imagine it would be a bit of a changed experience because of character advancement.

Wendigo is an emotional and intense solo/journaling RPG without being over-the-top and, again, I definitely recommend it!

I contacted the creator through their website: and they got right back to me and helped me get the files I was looking for :)

Thank you, Jacob!

Awesome support and I am so excited to run this! This module like easy to read and use at the table. I'm glad I've got the physical book.


Awesome product :)

I bought a physical copy and PDF from Exalted Funeral. It only came with the book PDF. Is there any way I can get access to the digital player maps and handouts files?

Thank you!

Huzzah! I had so much regret. Thank you!!!!

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I missed the Bucket of Bolts KS. Will there be a PDF version of the foldout 8 page + reference on the back version for printing at home (of both games, eventually)? I'm pretty curious how you got the game down from 28 pages down to 8. Thanks! :)

*Or is that what the "Playkit" file is? I haven't purchased my copy here yet.