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interesting game. I managed to get the Eggplant my first run but didn't know what to do with it . I feel this game has a bit more depth than it lets on. 

You Die In The Desert  also reminded me of this other die-em-up

cool little game. satisfying to make progress after comprehending the mechanic. also satisfying to slam into the wall over and over until you figure it out. 

sound effects could go a long way but given the constraints of a game jam it is understandable.

Simple yet Elegant. No Spoilers but this game tells my life story.

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lovely little game. such a wonderful audience. 

thank you for creating this game and sharing :)

easily one of the best games.

the art looks incredible and the gameplay sounds interesting. 

excited to see where this goes :D

incredibly beautiful

this topic hits close to home as I was conceived and birthed during burgor king looting of 1969

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meme game is pretty chill. I love the possibility zone. I think it could be a stand alone game as is :D

The Possibility Zone is ground breaking technology as it's the first game of it's kind.:

VR & AR & ALT-R game that can run in a browser , doesn't drop frames , and doesn't give the player motion sickness. impressive to say the least.

a few bugs but it's got some really cool ideas.

shooting is risky and gets riskier as you clear the targets

while the level also physically shrinks in size after the targets are cleared

This is exactly what NYC is like


A Short Hike is incredible because the player's intrinsic  motivations line up so perfectly with the Claire's 

it's naturally satisfying to do the activities which contribute to your ability to conquer the mountain.

The length of the game is literally in the title A Short Hike

like the Tibetan Buddhists painstakingly assembling gorgeous colorful Mandalas one sand particle at a time,
only to then destroy the Mandalas at the end of the ritual

the game is a  lesson in Impermanence

all of existence, without exception, is "inconstant"

All temporal things, material or mental, are in a continuous change of condition, subject to decline and destruction.

All physical and mental events are not metaphysically real, that they are not constant or permanent, they come into being and dissolve.

the characters are written very realistically. 

love the art and the voice acting is charming :D