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what am I looking at? it looks exactly like a computer wiring lol, supremely messy, tho if you did all of this in vr, thats so cool, looks really cool,and I guess makes you a techno wizard?

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can anyone give some tips on how to beat sc repair 3, im really struggling with it. Also great game btw. 

edit: NVM, I finished the game, WOOO!!!, this was a very fun game, tho, because I was a bit confused at certain parts, or didnt think properly, I took nearly 15 hours to eat the game, nearly 4 times the expected playtime, that to with offline progress, tho, I can see the game being beaten in around 4 hour. 

10/10 game, loved it. can definitely see the huge inspiration from Antimatter dimensions, but I can see, the creativity, and the massive differences between the two as well. so, yeah would def recommend.

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nice! thats insane also update, now I got 13.287 , gonna try to get a 13.05 something, tho I dunno if its possible, edit 1: got a 13.221

I got a 13.604

according to the in game glossary

fate modifies the amount of character experience gained, when slaying a monster, the fate provided by each character is  added together to calculate fate.

I see


theres a shotgun? 

oh i see ok thanks for the reply.

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how do I make the anvil?

and is the new update public, or for download only and not for the browser?

but the game doesnt save, it just goes to the beginning of the day... oh wait im dumb sorry

hey how often does the game get updated? monthly? also this is fun game but the save mechanic almost kills it for me as you can only save after you finished the day, if you could save between each death would be nice, the story definitely saves it tho.

sorry I got it to work after I commented so no problem

how do I play the game?

yea sure and nice.

oh... okay thanks for the reply.

I play on the web version, but I didn't understand my laptops config, I use windows 10.

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NICE! thanks man.

edit: some feedback I would like to give, is that hopefully the game becomes somewhat more optimized cause when I start it the fans on my laptop whir like alot and also during playing, so some optimization would be nice.

man this is a fun game, I plated it before the newest  0.99 version and liked it alot, and I'm very happy its getting a new version. Can I become a beta tester and if so, will the beta be available on itch cause I dont have steam

it such a good game, and it has good graphices, and I'm really loving it.

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ahh nice, and I didn't know that you could just replay the previous levels.

and this is the thing of a password I got at the end:


what even is this thing?

great game, I loved it, I just couldn't defeat the final boss.


this is a nice game and how often do you update the game? and when will the next update come out?


oh really, that sad because it was a interesting idea to have like a reload mechanic, sadly that's the only thing I found intersting other than like the text that showed what you did.


hey a question here not to say anything bad to the game its good but is this supposed to be like a predeccesor or a worse version of   "enter the chronosphere"?  I'm not saying anything bad to the game just asking.

oh (。_。) I guess I didn't progress far enough to see those enemies and weapons but hey still love the game and I am still addicted to it... in a good way .

bro I havent played the game in a few months and how many updates did it get like I saw so many new enemys and weapons wow \(〇_o)/

oh ok thanks I didn't know that, now I know that and played the game it's fun and has good graphices.

how do I start the game?


oh I dont know what language the game is in so I didn't lay it


reaally good game it is fun to play and is  satisfying when you h=get a few kills really fast, what is everyones favourite weapon? mine is the BETWEEN THE MINIGUN AND THE SNIPER. WHAT IS YOURS?

this is a fun and good looking game. I liked playing it had some fun whish there could be some more locations tho.