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interinsting, it looks good and feels good, a little hard because I mainly play with the arrow keys and not wasd keys.

shees, man I ma bad at this game since I have poor reaction times when haveing to concentrate on so many things, I mean like I can play call of duty easily because I'm somewhat good at it but this is fun challenging and hard I give it a 9/10 .

interesting idea, had fun while playing like sfx and music while playing.

oh on problems man, thanks for making it a zip, because I dont have winrar to extract, thanks!

can there be like a .zip version or even a pdf version because I cant extract .rar files?

oh man that's it.

oh yea sure mate I'l rate it, I give it a  4 stars.

hmm yea most probably it is that .

hmm so maybe... it was probably some bug fixes in the game and other changes, I guess?

yea nothing is listed there, so what did he do?

this is a great game, it look good and and has good good pixal art, I like the art style it looks cute.

the gameplay for the demo is nice,fun and challanging, and is a good game.

what did steven do in the new update?

oh really nice that would be cool, would love to see where this game is going.

hmm nice little game, looks good ands seems like a diy game, the could be made a little harder though as it seem a little to straightforward, and it doesnt feel like you did something and just held the left click button and drag some things around, hopefully it get better, other than that it seems like a good game and looks good to, like its hand drawn

oh yea I forgot about that.

oh really, I didn't know, but why is that?

oh really that cool, thanks for the reply.

oh really that's really cool but I just want to ask 1 more question, will there be a demo, or a beta for playtesting?when its somewhat complete?

naa man I can't do that they allowed me 1 game magic the gathering, I downloaded 1 game in secret so I cant download another

oh really that's cool but what will it be called?

man the game seems interesting, but is far too buggy and crashy on web version, I hope that it could use some optimization and could work better on web version, either way the game seems interesting and fun.

oh ok thanks.

I sadly don't have steam and I know I can download it but my parents wont allow that.

come on Dani, please  make the game available on windows on, please!


this game is interesting, and sounds like a good game, there could be a after game jam, the could also use some balance tweaks like making enemys have a chance to miss the player rather than having aimbot.other wise this is a interesting and good looking game.

this is a really good and fun game, it is easy to learn, it has rpg like elements and is also a roguelike, it is some what easy to learn for me but is hard to master. I have some questions like is the game still being updated, if so yay and nice. This is a really nice game and played the and I am going to play the full game on my phone today to see the full potential of the game, either way this is a really good and fun game

oh really nice. that's cool

this is a really good pico-8 game it is fun and challanging, but it could use some optimiztion as it start to get laggy after too many enemys spawn

can there be arrows key controls other than just wasd controlls.

is this made from the shooter game which you can practice on in unity

can there be a english version

oh ok thanks

could there be a web based version, like it could act as a demo for people and see if they want to download the full game? Because it seems interesting and could play if it was good

the game could use another button like z to change weapons because I have a laptop and not a mouse.other wise this is a fun and good looking game

oh ok thanks I wanted to say that when you hit a enemy could there be a indicator other than the enemy turning red?

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oh really NICE, this is a really and fun game

ps how often d o you update the game and where is the game server located?

pps what if there was a indicator when you a enemy other that the enemy turning red and I don't understand the 2nd bow which shoots out 3 arrows, and how many maps are the and my last question, will there be melee class or is there only going to be ranged classes

no really, wow that's really cool, did you ask your friends and other people to play or at first their were bots and slowly you started to remove them, also what if there was a mode in you you could play with bots to just have some fun? and this is a really fun game, would play often

how many characters will there be, thi is also a fun game

this is a really fun and good roguelite, the music is thrilling and makes the blood pump for me and give m a good amount of adreline and this is a really good and fun game.