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Was this game inspired by thecplusplusguys zombie shooter ?
It looks remarkably similar if so that's pretty dam cool!

Linatrix - Needs Some Bug Fixes but it does function mostly okay there are few glaring issues though <3.

a calming therapy of platforming realism abstraction weaved through emotions of pastel powdery compassion, rainy awe, massaging sharp sweetness and quick wittery.   

side note:
was impressed by the scarf physics were you using affine transformations for that?

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Journey through a dreamy horror within the self; nightmares growing from the stars, intelligent interactions creating feverish fears....

Yes there is a face-cam ;)

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Welcome   itchians
I'm universo

Link to Application

I'm releasing my   first ever   2D aesthetic blank sprite sheet generator  it comes in    two forms :

. ) Self-enclosed HTML  file 
*works on modern web browsers*

.    )  Web Application in node-webkit format    
*similar to electron  apps and easier to use and work*

It has some css  support in aesthetics  including colors,  gap size,      borders and border radius. 
* more maybe coming  soon :P *
Was made in pure website technology apart from the NW.js  aspect of it   as expected.

There is  an commercial and accessibly full featured free   demo .

It only costs  $2  if you like it and want to support me and

This has been harsh project especially in the graphics design department and coding entanglements.
Took many hours over many days for real.

Thanks for Reading!

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🏞️ Paseo 🏞️

Slide through deceptive Horrors
Angles of Hatred
Darker and Darker

3.5 or 4 out of 5
(Awesome Game)

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Flaying around death and decay
through the warming disaster of badly deception.

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Warm and scary exploration through
a terrifying murderer's insanity.

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Unexpected, confusing containment,
bleaching through eerie terrifying noise aesthetics.

One of the scariest, experiences
I've ever played in my life...

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Deceptive Descending Through Hellish Sniffling Staircases!

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🔮 Haunted Demo Disc 2021 🔮
💀 Paseo 💀

Traversal through variations of holistic surrealistic horror
within a ps1 era aesthetic.

So far been pretty carm and stalky.

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astray within tunnels of abstract reality, pulsating acidic aesthetics emanating from every corner, bizarre creatures
suddenly coming and going.

What a quirky game.

Here's my paseo of this beautiful game.

Tainted By Knights of Concrete Shades
Bestowed Traversal Through Concrete Abstract Realism.
What is this?

Never ending drowning hallucination
between the cycle of nature

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experience a abstraction of vision distorting boundary breaking rotating glitched scenery!

Yay , it was meant to be along those lines!  haha.
It's the scariest game, I've ever played in my life garenteed.
Supported and Feared every moment of it!
Hope to play more of your games on video for you all.
Your kindest and kindred welcome.

Experiencing some of our worsted animations of fears.
We forcefully and uncontrollably embark within and around a musical festival campsite of serial shock and death until we must escape it's gore and intensity.

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Oh!, what a lovely surprise thank you so much!!, this is so exciting to get a reply from the developer please remember the power of that it can change
the life of someone in good ways (some of the time) and sometimes in bad ways (unlikely), was feeling so alone here reading all the truly lovely comments from others and thinking gosh no one even raised an eye lid over mine then
I saw this : D.    Hope you do like it, their's a beautiful minimalist simplicity
to yours, I'm so passionate about my descriptions and want to show your passionate and prominent prowess work to the masses and will continue to do so and "I'm not in this for the money".
Thank you for being the good guy!.

So sweet!, Yas and I very much did and think it should be explored more at some point!

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a true detailing of old formal aesthetics within
a somewhat posh haunted house and with
flavorful jumpy and short em boding realistic horrors.

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Diversify into this VHS Psychotronic amazing chaos as our colorful exploration takes us through abstract and realism defined magical visual experiences of a geometric prowess.

Your craziest welcome, just saw this message! :D.

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a purple journey of true awe
abstractions of flavorful shadery mesh and texture magical animates.

Simplistic but Effective, Definitely Weird and Unusual.
Here's my experience of it.
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Takes an Age to Figure Out What To Do But 
Found That More Fun In Retrospect!,

I Went Through One Proper Run At Least,


My Experience of This Minimalism Game -> 

Actually Haunting Experience, Think about if that happens in a dream .....


Loved it,  definitely made me jump !, the graphics was appealing, I just wish their was more too it and I hope you don't make generic games this is a special little gem.

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Thought the music was somewhat on point, didn't think their was enough significant memes bar a few that would actually make it worthwhile to want to go through it again the quotes were great, would have been awesome to experience the memes in a much more on point elaborate way with more explanation, thought etc . Controls were alittle clunky too.  Also the tapes didn't seem like they made a difference to the game probably did but wasn't really made obvious enough.   

art was not bad in some places rather seemingly on point

but it was very low poly in a lot of places.

However I was entertained enough to wanna keep going more or less it did have that.

3/5 gameplay

3.5/5 art

4/5 music

1/5 story

2/5 design

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That was actually legit carming, something about
the aggressiveness and asian vibe melded together
with the weird painted visuals gives a soothing peace
after I'm done playing, it was a momentary inner peace.

can you please give an option to remove the scroll bar it's annoying :/

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Simplicity made crazy with atmospherical minimalism.

My only real complaint depending on what level of judgement you might be asking for is that maybe
the shiny trail orb could have been more elaborated and more bigger.

Quality was okay.


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I had to come here an say that the artisan of Tape and simplicity of UI are more then pleasant prehaps adding more simplicity based features on a large scale would serve you well , but I was mostly impressed the only complaint is "importing and exporting"
not exactly being user friendly besides the export button