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Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :DDD Chisa and Merel are so fun to write! 

Thanks! I have a Patreon and I suppose I could take donations thru paypal, though most of the costs (original music and spritework) are already done, and I just have to finish the rest of the game (which I'm hoping I can do by the end of this year, but it may take longer). Just to be clear, Weird and Unfortunate doesn't have any shown lesbian romance, tho my next game definitely will.

Thanks again!

That's high praise, as Chrono Trigger and Xenogears are two of my all time favorites! Thanks very much! I'll keep making games ^_^

Thank you very much! I'm so glad you're enjoying the game! I may go commercial some day, but for now I'll keep making free games

Sorry for the endgame drag, but you're very close to the end. I got carried away while making it XD I'll do better in future games.

And yeah, it takes a lot of patience to make games, but I find it gets a little easier as time goes by, if real life didn't keep getting in the way XD

Thanks! You've still got a little bit to go because I made the endgame really long XDXD;;;;

But very glad you're enjoying it ^_^

Seems like it would be pretty difficult to port it over, given the fact that the scripts I use don't all have MV equivalents, so I think I'll pass. Thanks anyway, tho! I'd like to make my own MV game with similar themes sometime in the future.

Yes it was ^_^

Loved this game and laughed a lot while playing it! Always glad to see magical girl games and this one is something special. 

I absolutely adore this game, from the aesthetic to the gameplay to the character art. Wonderful work, and I can't wait to see the finished version of this game :DDDD

I teamed up with Ocean and Kloe to make this for a yuri game jam. I believe we're all working on our own projects; I know Ocean is busy. Without all three of us ready and willing to continue, it is unlikely that this'll get finished. I'd still really love to do a game like this in the future, so I'll see what I can come up with.

Sorry to disappoint -_-

Yay! Hope you enjoy the game :DDDD

Thank you so much! ^_^ So glad you enjoyed the game! I really want to make another game like this. Maybe I will try charging for future games, maybe start with something like $10 and see how that goes.

Thanks again! :DDDDD

Wonderful! ^_^ This is so cute and fun! So glad I got to be a part of this, and looking forward to playing more Bitsy games :DDDDD

Thanks very much! I am so glad you enjoyed it ^_^

I don't have any reviews on yet (that I know of) but you can read a lot of reviews of the game on RMN ( I am not sure how to view/submit reviews to this site but I'll try to find out!

Thank you so much! ^_^ I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and I hope I can make more games that feel inclusive and inspire people! And I'll keep working hard on Weird and Unfortunate! :DDDD

Thank you soooo much! :DDD Yes, the primary inspirations for this game were the early Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games. I'm so glad you're enjoying it ^_^