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It's going to have canon love interests, but in the future, I really do want to do games with dating sim elements :D

Haha, it better have at least as much sapphic romance as the first game or I will have failed :P :DDD

Happy that you're looking forward to it, and I won't push myself too hard!

Wonderful, thank you! :DDD So glad it still holds up so well ^_^

Working on a sequel now, hopefully one day I'll be done haha

I love your dedication to this game, and it's so cool to hear about people getting in to it again with the PC version! :DDD

Ah, thanks so much for your kind words, so glad you enjoyed the game :DDDD

I think I may add one. I have an idea of a dumb funny way to incorporate it too! :D I'll work on that soon!

haha yeah I love that they allow anyone who loves treasure to get it all first :D

Oooh thanks, that's a very cool idea! As for the stats and skills, unfortunately I haven't got them on any sort of spreadsheet or anything, so I don't have an easy way to do that.

Yeah, you're completely right, it's an OFF reference, I love OFF! :DDD

haha, it would have been great to have Pepper Steak in the game, that song rules, but yeah I'd have to ask the original composer and I wouldn't really feel right using it in a completely different game

haha thanks :DDDD

Thanks very much :D

Awesome :D Glad to hear

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In City Hall past the room where you have to place objects to progress through a white room, take the path to the left where you can find a semi-hidden door. Pass through the door and through a dark hall and find the mayor's hidden room (you'll have to fight a miniboss). After visiting the hidden room, head back into the dark hall, the Fool will now be in that hall.

Haha, yeah! I was way to stingy with money originally XD

Thank you very much! :DDDD

;_; Thanks so much! Great to know that it works on Steam Deck, that's awesome! ^_^

Thanks very much! :DDD I'm working on getting Luxaren ready for a possible Steam release but it may take a bit longer


I hear you, but I've heard from way too many people "It's not on Steam? Then I won't bother." It's weird XD

Wow, thanks you so much! :DDD That's awesome, I appreciate it!


Seriously tho, I will probably chill with the updates from here so I can concentrate on new projects. Gotta stop tweaking the game at some point right? XD

Thanks so much, I appreciate the hype!!! :DDDDDDDD

Thanks so much, that makes me happy ^_^

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This game is still in early production. There's unfortunately no demo or download yet. Not sure what happened with the crash. 

Perhaps I should put that notice before the summary, instead of after.

At any rate, if you haven't played the previous game in the series, that one does have a download, if you're interested :D

Thanks, me too! :D

Thank you so much! :D I hope more people enjoy it, too!

Thanks so much! :DDD Haha, I hope people will have fun with the achievements, too! I appreciate you cheering me on ^_^

Looks wonderful IMO! And if it makes things easier to work with, then all the better!  Also I think the 3D look for the battlebacks is a really smart idea, looks very cool!

Thank you very much, I'll definitely keep at it! :DDD And here's hoping it won't take that long in the end XD

haha, yeah, I wish it didn't take so long XD

Thanks so much!!! :DDD I owe a lot of it to Sooz, my cowriter, who really made the characters come to life!

Wow, that's awesome! :DDD Thanks so much for putting so much time into it!

Thanks, I'll prolly give this a second play soon! And really looking forward to "This is Not My Final Form"! :D

Sorry for the late reply!

I had almost forgotten about Starship TsukuruNova 20003! And yeah I couldn't help myself but to try to hook up the androids at the end XD 

So glad you're enjoying all of my games~! Chase for Divinity may be a bit rough because it's my earliest game (started back in my teens) so even with some of my revisions it's a bit rough but hopefully you get some enjoyment out of it XD;;;

haha, glad you're enjoying W&U! I did get a bit carried away with the City area XD Way too big

Thank you very much! :D

Thank you so much! :D I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed it that much :DDD

As for Lynette's promised game, that's what I'm working on now XD Tho it may take me a few years to get it done. 

Here's the gamepage.

Thanks again!

Thanks! :DDD

haha, thanks! :D

Holy crap this game is good!!! I'm really surprised it hasn't gotten more attention! :DDD

Absolutely loved this!!! It's got a ton of stuff I enjoy in it, including magical girls, angels, weird aliens, grappling with gender identity, bombastic battles, awesome trans lady teammate,  and just the sort of vibe you don't get with most RPGs!

The battle system is really good, and using skills to generate items than can be chained into dual attacks is SUCH an awesome idea!!! The setting is so cool! The characters, art, and world are all custom and look amazing, really adding to the experience and making you feel there in the world!

I really enjoyed this one! I'm so glad I gave it a try! :DDD

My only real nitpicks are very small:

  • I kind of fooled around during the first battle to get a hang of things, but wasted so much MP it made the next battle pretty rough, and I ended up restarting the game, and since there's no Save Points early on, had to do the whole thing over. A heal spot after that first fight would fix all that tho, in case the player was dumb like me XD
  • Some skills that require multiple items to use can still miss, which can be frustrating, seeing as you can spend several turns making the items you need. The first time I used Ars Arcangelus it missed the target, and I found that pretty disappointing. I still managed to beat the final battle, which was awesome, but I thought I'd bring it up.

All in all, such a great game! I give it 5 stars! I'm really looking forward to This is Not My Final Form, and if you decide to continue making this game sometime in the future, I will 1000% play it! :DDDDD

Ah, that's a really good point! I should do that! I don't have a trans lady in the party in this game, but I promise I'll have one in a future game, for sure! :D