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I don't remember if I commented on the RPG Maker version of these tiles, but I'm always so impressed with your pixel art!!! It has this cozy yet nostalgic feeling that I find so inviting!


Yeah! The counter's still strong enough where it's possible to take out even a stronger variant with a single counter, if you're lucky. I just wanted them to have some defense against it.

It'll still work, it just won't hit them with full force, and will be less effective on stronger baggie variants. I watched several people one-shot them on accident  with Miriam's counter passive and it just felt a little weird for them to get taken out completely on accident XD

Honestly I don't think Countering to kill them is wrong at all. I just wanted to put a little wrinkle into it.

It definitely wasn't at the beginning, as I was thinking mostly in terms of Karuna's story at the start. But at some point in development, I realized that I couldn't give Lynette a satisfying conclusion without altering the scope of the game further and I felt a bit bad about it. My memory's not great, but I'm guessing it was sometime when I was working on the final quarter of the game.

Yep, a couple of years after :D

It's in the Forest area :D

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As I said, it's much more of an ensemble piece where all the cast has their time to shine, tho Lynette is very key to the story.  I'll try my best with it!

Totally XD

Awesome, thanks! :D

Thanks :DDD

Thanks so much! I think it's gonna be pretty great, but it's still pretty early on :D

Sorry, production on this has only been a couple of months, it's neither so far. I will mark it to make it clearer on the page.

You're welcome, and thanks! I'm really happy it's good enough to come back to! :DDD

I'm sorry that I can't be of much help, as I'm not a programmer and RPG Maker has never been designed to prioritize performance (it really should run smoother in a lot of areas -_-)

Thanks very much! I really do want to finish this, I just need to find the time and inspiration. Really glad you had fun with it! :DDD

Thanks very much! :D Glad it was enjoyable!

Thanks very much! :DDD Hope you continue to enjoy it ^_^

Thanks so much! :DDD Looking forward to trying it out!

Sure, that would be great! :D Thank you!

Haha Mother 3 randomizer sounds like fun, I should check that out! And yeah, I saw the TV Tropes page, I was really surprised!!! :DDD It's really amazing :D

Wow, that's a huge compliment, those games are all amazing! :DDD So glad you enjoy this one that much! ^_^ I hear you about the replaying, I love Mother 3 as well but you can only play it so many times, tho I haven't played it quite that many yet XD

Thanks very much, this is really awesome! :DDD

Thanks so much! I'd love to hear that mashup when you get it uploaded! :D

Unfortunately marketing and getting seen is not my strong suit. I think a video trailer will really help, but all the success I've had is just putting things out for years and having people spread word of mouth, so I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of advice there XD;;;

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Thanks very much for the kind words and for all of the feedback! :DDDD

As for the writing in the game, I'm very much an amateur and still have a ton to learn, and I owe so much to my cowriter and editor Sooz, who took a lot of my dialog and made it 100% more readable and snappier. Tone is hard to nail down and this whole game was an experiment in contrasts, so I understand that it's pretty rough, but I'm very glad it gelled with you in the end!

*SPOILERS below for anyone who hasn't beaten the game yet, but...*

As for the post game ending stuff, perhaps I explained it badly in a previous post.  Rather than "whatever you think the answer was," I feel like the mystery of what's going on is more compelling than a straight answer. The Outer Evocations now have a brand new dimension as their playground and that may or may not be such a good thing, cosmologically or otherwise. I feel like going into any details beyond that defeats the purpose. Not to mention that keeping it vague leaves open doors if I do sequels or spinoffs. Perhaps it's not satisfying to have the ultimate future of what the Outers will do absent in-game and perhaps that's a mistake on my part, but that's ultimately what I came up with for the ending.

As for the diegetic and meta talk, the person who asks you if you are satisfied is very much a character in the narrative, someone who finds the temptation of exploring more of the forbidden infernal regions too tempting to leave alone. Did the rewind actually happen in the narrative?  I doubt any of the characters would make that choice, but they weren't the ones being asked. As you said, I don't consider anything from Makyo to be canon within the ending going forward (as it could conflict with possible sequel ideas) but I still agree that exploring more of the Firstborn Child in some other game could be a lot of fun, I'll definitely keep that in mind :D

Congrats on the pro translating! The organic translation machine exists because, when I released a version of the game with about half the content (up to the end of the school) I noticed no one had been attempting to translate the ciphers. On top of that, a few people had requested a way to do it automatically, so the organic machine was put in there for them. Since then, however, I've been delighted to see a small handful of people take up the ciphering quest and mastering it. That was super fulfilling! You have my respect for that as well! And yeah, it would have been fun to combine the languages to really throw people for a loop, but I didn't think of it XD;

Thanks again for all of your comments and I'm so happy you liked the game! :DDD

Oh, wonderful! :D I'm really glad you're enjoying it and thanks for streaming the game! :DDD

Thanks! :D

I'm so sorry to hear that! ;_; I hope the surgery goes well and you're able to get back to doing the things you love!

Hahaha thanks! :D Thinking up monster names is one of my favorite things XD

I threw in a couple of extra goodies, since this is basically the closest the game gets to a New Game +. I thought it might be fun to have access to the EXP Scarab early for a 2nd playthru.

Thank you so much! :D

Thanks! I just keep noticing little things that could use fixing :D

Ah, sorry about that, there's no way to get in there, I just had them say that in an effort to imply there was more to the sewer than what you were able to explore. I'll make that clearer in the text.

So glad you're enjoying the game so much :D

Yay! :DDD

Any time! ^_^ Here's hoping your recovery goes great!

Burnout is the worst, it makes everything so hard! ;_;

Take as much time as you need! When you come back, I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do! Giving yourself some time like this was the right thing to do, IMO!

Best of luck!

Yes, the invisible guy shows up both when you first visit Vinclum and also again in Neo Vinclum in Makyo :D

Thanks so much! :DDD I had a lot of fun making the game and I'm glad you liked it so much! I really wanted the characters to feel balanced in both personalities and battle mechanics!

I feel like in hindsight I made that last dungeon a bit too long and people have given me pointers on how I can make crafting systems better in future games but overall I'm pretty happy with how the game came out.

Thanks again for taking the time to register and leave this detailed and very lovely comment, I really appreciate it! :DDDDD