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Oh, good! Haha

Haha That's funny that you were spamming W. Sorry about that! My first time using Three.JS OrbitControls and I agree the movement could be much smoother and more reactive. The lag after input is definitely something I'd fix with more time.   

Great game! First one I've seen doing the Stoke-on-Trent Challenge. :D The controls are not super intuitive and I had some game-breaking bugs where I was teleported off the screen, but the digging mechanic is a lot of fun and the art and music are nicely done.

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Fun little game. The sprites for Lewis and ThatMadCat are too cute! 

This game is pretty cool. A lot of depth for a 48 hour jam. "You must construct additional spirit poles!" Should probably be some punish for click spamming.

Awesome game. Love the retro arcade style and the gameplay is very enjoyable. The positive and negative balance of the powerups was an interesting mechanic. Had some framerate issues with a lot of enemies on screen. The music is great! Really fun.

Did the little girl get to open the present??  

Fun game! Me and my adorable army of Kobolds were very generous in giving triple fireballs to the FACE of those gnolls.

Seriously are we not doing PHRASING anymore? 

Nice work. Like the snow texture and animation on Santa.   : )

Fun game. A bit too easy because I just lay all the highest value attacks on my dudes, but I like the idea. Could probably use  an in-game explanation that you have to lay cards on your own fighters first, I was confused for a bit - trying to play soldiers etc. with no values.

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Like the style and the puzzles are well done. Runs smooth in browser and the inhabiting bodies concept is really cool. I found the walking a bit slow and the controls could be improved slightly but overall I enjoyed the game.

Rage quit after the blue and red section put me back into a body three back twice in a row. xD

Fun game. :D Made it to level 13 before getting overrun. Runs smooth in browser.

The controls were a bit confusing at first. Also, maybe a screen which explains the in-game pickups would be helpful. Nice work. Enjoyed it.

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Fun game! I love that Sharky boomerang animation. :D