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I've been working on some new stuff and got a bunch of cool ideas bouncing around in my head. Yep, I had to take a break 'cause of some health stuff, but luckily, that's all sorted now. Wanna stay in the loop? You can subscribe to my Patreon for free.

So, you haven't even downloaded the game once in a whole month just to check out what kind of roguelike it is, but you're ready to guess about it here in the comments? Come on, dude... Let's skip that!

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I'm not ready to dive into debate about the one true meaning of roguelike if that's what you're getting at. 😅

I rly appreciate it! ❤️Thank you!

This question is very acute right now as well as furry direction. I have to take into account the opinion of the community, which is still just being formed (I mean opinion). What about you?

Fixed! Re-download please. Thanks for patience

Fixed! Re-download please. Thanks for patience

demo builds does not include credits spending

There is nothing to hide. Gameplay demo clearly exposed with the very first screenshot.

Nice thoughts, thank you!

I've already thought about it. Most likely I will implement something like a content filter, which will even include SFW/NSFW mode as an option. Miyu will be fixed, thanks for noting

Will do my best to not disappoint you! ❤️

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Helping system is right on the way. Approx. delivery time 1-2 weeks (in the mid of Dec'23).

Regarding characters: it's been crafted manually while being assisted by AI (StableDiffusion custom model with a bunch of loras). If you interested in, you can find me on reddit with some of tutorials there.

And no, I'm not from Russia 😀

Thank you for playing my game! ❤️

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Regarding topless issue 0_0 Could you please name that character?

As for the rest - tutorial, hints, logs, compendium are on the way! Stay tuned!

You are welcome! As I mentioned before, I plan to implement "Decision Log" nearest time! I just need some time to consider all those tight moments.

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Actually, at the bottom of the screen you can see a message with a detailed explanation right after you make the decision.

I will include as well these messages in the "decision log" to the next builds so that the player can go back to previous decisions explanation and learn them in detail.

Oh, this is actually a nice idea! Thanks

Currently no plans

Next release will have interactive tutorial, that will clarify all tight moments. Basically, the player needs to count positives and negatives matches. The right answer/decision - is the difference between them.

Thanks for trying out the game!