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Thanks! We had plans for dozens of weapons, but needed to cut back in order to finish in time!

I think we might try to build it out into a full game with a more defined aesthetic soon!

Thanks for the feedback!

While the game is meant to be hard, it shouldn't be unfairly so. Some better player feedback could definitely make it feel more skill-based.

Sound was something we simply ran out of time on... next time I suppose!

Aww, that's too bad! It was a lot of fun!

Great work!

Is there more content after the boss? 

I wasn't sure if I could go down the ladder-hole or not.

Ow, my brain! 

It's a hard game but super addictive.


The detection on the gamepad needs a little work. If you move the mouse, the game switches you over to using mouse location as your aim point. 

If you stop moving the mouse (just shove it to the edge of the screen if it won't go away) you should have no issue using the gamepad to aim. 

Love the visuals and the music. The song's going to be stuck in my head forever.