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Hi. Feel free to post feedback in this thread.

Very clever.

This is great! Love the intro. I'm stuck on a level though, and want to try another one. Do I have to finish one level to go back to level select?

Haha, love the graphics. I got 11 first try. Maybe too easy?

Nice idea. The sounds seemed messed up when I hit the pillars.

I love this game. Love the apprehension when you collide with a box. Love the 2nd chances you are offered. Love it.

"Press A to relax." But…but…but I...

Yes, the eye contact was a definite obstacle.

Super cute graphics…until I died. THE BLOOD! I think it was probably a bit too easy. I would consider adding additional obstacles after certain checkpoints or something. Great graphics.

Interesting idea. It seems too fast to even have the ability to dodge. So it's more of a guessing game.

Great idea and solid controls. Nice.

Looks like still dev build?

Not bad. love the graphics. One thing I noticed is that I was able to still shoot a kitten after I died. just fyi.

Haha, great take on the theme!

Not bad, I like the graphical style to go along with the gameplay.

Not bad!

Pretty nice. But it did get a little too easy after a couple plays.

Ya, very hardcore. Nice idea.

Hey great game! One of the few that kept me playing for longer than expected.

Nice idea. Tough.

Nice idea! I stayed alive for around 40s.

Clever game. Very hard to time it for sure.

Haha, I had Cheeseman on my iPhone up until a month or so ago! Loved it!

I like your art. What if you added spacebar or something for those who get offended by frantic mouse clicking? ;)

Great concept and nice simple graphics. I was only able to get 3 before giving up. :( I did feel like when flapping quickly some of the keystrokes didn't register as flaps. Just a thought.

I got 17! Why doesn't anyone believe me? I should have posted a screenshot.

Nicely done. Made me smile, especially the other characters flying in back.

That reminds me, I need to rev up the ol' emulator and finish Another World. ;)

Love the mood! Limbo is one of my favorite games. I got to 17 first try, which might be a little too easy. Great job though.

Clever idea. Hard to micromanage. :)


Awesome game. Love the mechanic and the increasing difficulty. My best is 5.

Love how you implemented the Risk of Rain style. I love that game!

I got around 1100. Interesting.

Nice job. I got around 2000.

Awesomely awesome. I'd change it to "press space to start" since you're pressing space anyways. Also, high score?

Great concept!

Great game and graphics. This is what I was initially trying to do with Lava Bird, but then the idea changed course a bit. :)

Maybe OctoDad could get through the first pipe in this game. ;)