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145 :)

Nicely done. I liked your pixel art style and use of color and negative space. I enjoy explorational platformers like this. I didn't hear any sound, not sure if I was supposed to. Great theme application. Good job.

This was a blast. Loved the chaos that occurred kicking an odd-shaped object around. Nicely done.

This was soooooooo good. I snorted twice while playing it.

Love the looks of this game. It felt more like a toy to me than a game, though. But maybe I was missing something. I clicked on the fastest button and things went crazy quickly. I love the art here.

Loved the mood and pixel art here. Played fine for me, despite all the warnings. :)

Wow what a great job creating the mood. Hey, you should consider adding your ldjam link to this page on, because a lot of people are finding your game here, not through ldjam, if that makes sense. Anyway, great job.

I found myself holding my breath for too long trying to get through rooms, which is probably a sign of how great this game is. ;)

This was so good. I loved the confusing instructions and speed, and game over feedback. I had to step up to the challenge.  Loved it.

Great job on the mood, humor, and simple yet satisfying visuals. Definite potential here.

no you are

Great game! It reminds me of an old Flash game with a similar mechanic, but yours has an incredible feel, and the real-time gameplay at both zoom levels is also very well done. And I like the charming little story you added as well.

So fun! I love this mechanic, and the art and humor just made it better.

SOOOO fun. Feels nice.

Hi. Feel free to post feedback in this thread.

Very clever.

This is great! Love the intro. I'm stuck on a level though, and want to try another one. Do I have to finish one level to go back to level select?

Haha, love the graphics. I got 11 first try. Maybe too easy?

Nice idea. The sounds seemed messed up when I hit the pillars.

I love this game. Love the apprehension when you collide with a box. Love the 2nd chances you are offered. Love it.

"Press A to relax." But…but…but I...

Yes, the eye contact was a definite obstacle.

Super cute graphics…until I died. THE BLOOD! I think it was probably a bit too easy. I would consider adding additional obstacles after certain checkpoints or something. Great graphics.

Interesting idea. It seems too fast to even have the ability to dodge. So it's more of a guessing game.

Great idea and solid controls. Nice.

Looks like still dev build?

Not bad. love the graphics. One thing I noticed is that I was able to still shoot a kitten after I died. just fyi.

Haha, great take on the theme!

Not bad, I like the graphical style to go along with the gameplay.

Not bad!

Pretty nice. But it did get a little too easy after a couple plays.

Ya, very hardcore. Nice idea.

Hey great game! One of the few that kept me playing for longer than expected.

Nice idea. Tough.

Nice idea! I stayed alive for around 40s.

Clever game. Very hard to time it for sure.

Haha, I had Cheeseman on my iPhone up until a month or so ago! Loved it!

I like your art. What if you added spacebar or something for those who get offended by frantic mouse clicking? ;)