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Thank you for this game. I thought it was really special.

This is one of the coolest indie games I've played in a long time.

So glad that you're continuing to work on this game! The 0.5 overhaul is amazing. The updated visuals, destructibility and interface really bring the game to a new level. Would be exciting to find this game on Steam some day.

This is absolutely incredible!

Lovely little game! Very cute concept and fun approach to puzzles. I didn't see the ending coming even though I probably should have!

Fascinating game. Really captivating visuals and music.  Best of luck on the release!

Very cool game! Nice work on the viewmodel animations and ragdolls. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Cute little game! Had fun with it.

Yes! Unreal has a component called Physical Animation which I use to animate the ragdolls with. It's very fun.

ありがとう!  I really enjoyed the video. Hope you had a good time as well. 

Thanks! The bullets are actually simulated out using real world bullet velocity and surface density values to make them behave as realistically as possible. It proved a very interesting effect and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more ;)

I will definitely make a horror game in the future, but my next release will be a shooter ;)

Thanks! The game is actually made in Unreal, I just use Blender for the modeling and animation work!

Thank you for playing! I enjoyed the video a lot, but I noticed at the start of Level 2 it skipped the intro cutscene for some reason. That's an unexpected bug, sorry about that. Hope you still enjoyed it.

Great video! 

Thank you, friend.  I hope it kept you entertained! Future release is still a long ways to go, but hope you'll stick around. ;)

Indeed! I'd like to set more future games in Sweden, and Norrbotten is a fascinating place (though I haven't yet been). Tack för att du spelade. ;)

Awesome vid, my friend! I really enjoyed the way you presented the levels and the small details I put in there.  Glad you had a good time with it.

Fantastic vid! I'm so glad to hear it.  Plenty more stuff in the works ;) Thanks.

Thanks! I enjoyed the video a lot. I have no idea how you managed to get those camera angles, but nice screens!

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Hello! I am releasing version 1.0 of my game Deosurge. It's an action-FPS where you play as Luna Blood avenging the death of her friend Xandra by slaying everyone involved! It's a short ride but hopefully you will enjoy it.

Project page:

Awesome vid! Thanks for playing.

Sorry about that. I'll add a slider for it in the next update.

Thanks for playing my friend. I enjoyed the video a lot. Sorry about the flashlight thing, that happens on the lowest shadow setting, because when the flashlight casts a shadow it also mutes the light intensity a fair bit, and the low shadow setting turns off shadows completely, hence the light becomes too bright. I'll be sure to fix this in the next update to make the game more playable on low graphics. Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you had fun. I'm glad you enjoyed the song as well, I had fun putting that one together. :-)

I thought this game was really beautiful. I enjoyed the story and its analogy for overcoming obstacles, and I loved the setting and the lore. As a Swede the themes resonated a lot with me.

I thought the game had excellent pacing. It kept me roped in for the entire playthrough and none of the puzzles felt overbearing or like they overstayed their welcome, it always felt like there was an objective in sight and the game did a good job of guiding you towards the solutions without beating you over the head with them. The game was just as long as it needed to be and the ending left me feeling satisfied. 

I was extremely impressed by this game and I thought it was a wonderful production. I hope all of you find success in your future endeavors.

Thanks for playing!

Open "Unsanctioned.7z" with 7-zip or WinRAR and extract the folder anywhere on your computer. Inside the folder you should find the game executable called "Unsanctioned.exe". 

Hope this helps, and I hope you're able to play the game and have fun.

I'll be releasing a hotfix today to fix the mouse centering problem, thanks for bringing that to my attention. As for the OBS problem, I can't help with that unfortunately, but I hope you're able to figure it out. I appreciate the kind words and I'm glad you were able to have fun with the game despite everything!

Thank you for playing and thanks for the feedback.

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UE4 is generally pretty demanding on the GPU. I tried playing the game on my mediocre laptop, and was not able to get good performance at any graphical settings either. Most likely your GPU or CPU is below the specifications. I'm interested in getting this game as optimized as possible and I would love for you to play it further down the line, and I promise I will try to make it more accessible for lower-end systems in the future. Thanks for the interest. 

Very strange, I used OBS myself to record footage for the trailer. Are you sure you clicked "Resize output (source size)" by right clicking on the video source in OBS? If not that, I'm afraid I have no idea what might be causing the problem. Apologies about the mouse thing as well, I'll change that in an update. For now you can press ESC to bring up the pause menu and that will untether the mouse from the screen.

I'm glad you had fun, despite the mishap.

Extract the files with 7Zip or WinRAR, and click on "Unsanctioned.exe" inside the game folder.

Very glad you think so! I really enjoyed the video and I took great enjoyment from your reactions. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing! I hope you'll like the end product as well.

Thank you for playing and the valuable feedback! I'll be releasing an update soon and hopefully improve the item pickups a bit! Thanks again.

Thanks for the kind words! Sorry to see you fell through the ground at the start of Level 2. I'll try to fix that in an update! Thanks again.

Thanks for playing and the kind words! God bless.

So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks very much.

Thanks for playing! I noticed that the "Norrbotten, Sweden" text stayed on the screen in Level 1, that was weird! I'll try to see if I can fix that in an update. Thanks again.

I thought this game was really cute! Really cool idea for a puzzle game and just as long as it needed to be. Very unique concept and cool execution.