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Undead Sailor

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Really fun and didn't expect there to be three endings! Nice job.

Plays great!

That was some spoopy stuff

great game! very spoopy. too bad it was so short, can't wait for the full game

very short game, loved the art style

wow lol nice atmosphere and spoops. the ending got me

2 spoopy 4 me

fun game

This game is really interesting

very gud game, 10/10- NotARacoon

Cute game, nice art

This looks really cool, can't wait to try the full game

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awesome thanks! i plan to try your game out sometime soon too! cant wait!

me too! ive been wanting to make one like this. im taking 3d art right now at school, i think you just export it as a lower quality? im gonna try it sometime when im not swamped with school work


wowie! Thanks guys! 

I saw the art for the jam page and immediately got excited LOL 

I want to get Hexels when it goes on sale. It's like $50. At the moment I just use Blender (free) and Clip Studio Paint (paid). Anyone used CSP for game art before? Is it possible to get a pixel art setup in it? 

I've been playing with RPG Maker VX Ace lately but I think I'll be using Unity or Unreal for this. Unity is more of a safe-space for me since I use it in school, but I know Unreal is overall better and this would be a decent opportunity to get familiar with it (although its taken me a few days just to get used to the interface...)