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Uncle Indie

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I played The Slappening as part of the itch io Vault - this game is madness! Loved it: 

I played the Run Alpha as part of the itch io vault! This game is going to be great when it's complete I'm sure: 

Malware community · Created a new topic The Vault

I played Malware as part of the itch io vault! A fun gun & run game that I think you should try! 

I played Seamless as part of the Vault - and yes... my time was horrendous!

I played Slendertubbies as part of the itch io Vault! Check out some gameplay here: 

I checked out Mageroom as part of the Vault! Check it out here: 

Tri again community · Created a new topic The Vault

I played Tri Again as part of the Vault! It's super fun! Check it out: 

I got through alt f4 with a crappy mouse... I bet you can do better! As part of the Vault: 

This family desperately needs a shopping trip to get some more furniture. I don't know about this daughter, but she needs to be grounded: 

Hello all - Volume 2 is up and available to watch now! Volume 3 will be along soon. Looking for games for volume 4 onwards! 

This volume includes:

Punkcake keep knocking it out of the park with their games. The Wratch's Den is a casual dungeon keeper like game. I played it as part of the vault: 

Hey Max! I enjoyed Wink!

The music was really loud in headphones. I toned it down when editing my video so it wasn't so painful for the viewer!

Wink community · Created a new topic Wink gameplay!

I played Wink as part of the 'itch io vault' vol 2! Check out this fun platformer here: 

I played Pale Night as part of the 'itch io vault' vol 2! Watch here: 

I played Overknight Dungeon as part of the 'itch io vault' vol 2! Watch here: 

I played Arugaki as part of the itch io Vault Vol 2, check it out here: 

Want to see Metavaxx in action? I played it on my channel... It's SO much fun!  

For those of you who are interested. Here is volume 1 of the vault! Looking for games to play in volume 2! Production etc will improve the more I do it 😂

I played 'A Firm Handshake' as part of the ' vault'! Watch here: 

I played 'Rock Paper Clicker' as part of 'the vault' watch here: 

I played 'Press Da Button' as part of my series 'the vault'. Check it out here: 

I played Stick it to the Stickman as part of my vault. It's sooooooo much fun! Highly recommend:

This looks really cool. I'm going to drop this into the 'Indie Game Collective' as I think there will be some content creators on there that this will really suit!

RIP my eardrums!


Your game looks crazy! And so much fun! Added to my list!

Your game is definately on my list AspicProd! I can't wait to try it out!

Your Uncle has played the Rose & Locket Alpha Demo as part of the vault. Here it is: 

This looks cool! Reminds me of geometry wars! I'll give it a look!

The name of this game alone makes me want to play it! Added to my list!

You obviously care a great deal about your game - which is awesome! Added to my list!

The concept for this game is so original! Plus it looks hilarious! I'll be giving this one a go for sure.

PUNKCAKE! I enjoyed Antecrypt so much! Really looking forward to Metavaxx!

Hey Rob! I have your game on my list from when you replied to my message on Twitter! Keep your eyes peeled on my channel.

This looks great! This style of game art really takes me back. I'll be giving this one a go for sure!

These look interesting! Thank you for the recommendations! 

I played Antecrypt... and it is awesome!