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Thanks for making a video yeeee :D 

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Are you interested in full time work at Unbound Leafblower Inc.?

Check out Interactive Job Application Experience we have uploaded here on Itch. It will assess your, aptitude, skill and strength of character for the upcoming job of a [Leaf Blower Person]. You can do so right in your browser by following this link: 

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J. Kasztalski,

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"Why be quiet when you can be loud?" - Company Motto

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Tell me about it. I replayed it recently myself and forgot some of the dialogues I wrote and, oh boy....

you're not wrong

Haha we saw that a while back ;D Thanks for heads up though!

Can you try downloading it and playing on your computer instead? Will probably work way better :) 

Thanks for sharing with your viewers :D 

yes, the web build doesn't save your game (tho you can probably beat it in one sitting) 

go for it!


What browser and OS are you using?

Also did you try the download version? That should be a bit more stable :) 

Thanks, glad you liked it :D You should check out our other political game (if you haven't already) - Headliner: NoviNews!


Hmmm I don't think there's much I can do without more details :/ But try this:  can you change the permissions of `Contents/MacOS/Rain on Your Parade Demo` to 755 ? Another user below (Fluffy) reported that worked for them. 

What error are you getting?

Yee! Love your commentary voice :D 

Thanksss :D

Thanks for playing and making the video, gald you enjoyed it :D Stay tuned for full release in 2021 ;) 

Glad you enjoyed and thanks for making the video :D 

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Yea I kind of expected that with a Nantendo console, so we saved up some dev time just for dealing with that stuff

Gian bonfire is absolutely a yes now!

The physics themselves will still potentially lag a bit eventually, but there isn't much we can do about that aside form limiting physics objects in our scenes  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank youuuuu <3 

Yeaaa it did not age well.... or rather, it aged too well :/

Awesome, glad to hear the localisation team did a good job :)

Paid, but we haven't decided on the price yet.

On a rainy day in 2021 ;) 

Hmm you should just be able to download it like any other game you already purchased. If it's not letting you, please contact Itch support!

Could be. Thanks for the heads up tho, if we hear more reports in future releases, at least we know how to fix it :) 

Ah the joys of developing a Mac build on Windows. Hmm I just used 7zip thought it'd handle it. We didn't have an issue with the Headliner mac version so I'm curious if it's Unity export that messed up?

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Thanks :D Do give a wishlist on steam if you'd like to play more of it upon release ;) 

Yay glad to hear :D 

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Yeee thanks for making the video :D You have a nice clean voice for the narration too!

Try disabling Post-processing and if that doesn't help, lowering the graphical settings :) 

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it :D Year, Donut County is one of our references for sure, among others ;) 

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Thanks for making and sharing the Let's Play :D 

How did you feel about the Russian translation btw?

Yea it's definitely much easier on a joystick. We heard reports some joysticks don't work with the game so it's a known issue - we'll be looking into it :) 

Thank you :D 

We use either OBS or GifCam to capture the gif, and then EZGif ( to cut/scale/optimize them for a good file size!

Glad to hear ;D 

We're still tweaking the difficulty, but you only need to completed the objectives marked with a star to progress forward! So in the wedding level, you can go straight up to the altar and soak bride and groom and you'll be good to go :)