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Yeah i suspected that, maybe too ambitious for a jam but you should try to expand it into an actual full-blown game, it might become intereasting


Thanks a lot! Yes the game is ment to be insanely hard to get a perfect score on by design and yes the jump has a fixed height by design as well

Would be good but it's so odd how some things are well done and some are just awful like the projectiles (they are so small it's so hard to see them)

The game would be really fun but the controls are god awful and the only way to fix it is to pick the warp meaning that the warp is OPAF (you can hold rmb and you'll move where your mouse is, always)

It's a shame really, because it would be great with a better control scheme

Also i don't get why this would fit with "only one"

Is the whole gameplay idea based on the economy yours? Because it's fucking fantastic. This is very damn promising, i highly incourage you to actually turn it into a full-blown game with more features/levels and possibly PvP and deckbuilding, it's up to you.

It does have one fatal flaw tho: the randomness. Haveing compleatly randomized cards without any idea on what you're gonna draw it's problematic and makes planning very weird sometimes.

If i had to suggest a solution i would tell you to either just make the hand size bigger (i know that it's just 1 for the jam but outside of the jam it doesn't have to be) or alternatively to have the ability to know what cards are left in your deck

I hope to be able to play a full version of this game in the future :D

Why do the planet repel instead of attracting?
What is even the objective? How do you win/lose?
Is this just a test of unity point effectors with also a wrongly signed force?

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Amazing idea that uses the theme as a tool instead of a limitation on design. Full scores on this one

You cannot just upload the exe without the rest of the game folder from unity. The game doesn't work