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HEY THIS IS A REALLY COOL CONCEPT!!!!!! I love how the choices and the gui is presented???????? It's a little silly to gush over but I like it!!!!! Also I love Marin and July!!!!!!! The way the skip is done is really cool too!!!!!!!! ALSO I LOVE MARIN AND JULY but alas :') i think when the game comes out, i'll go for maybe benett's route!!!! 

I'm a little curious, is there any way to purchase the dragon mask at the moment? 

Yw!! Ty for making such an intresting concept and a cool game!! ^u^

yup!! my computer should have a built-in one but it still pops up ><

any chance we can use our laptop's built in mic instead of having to plug in one? 0:

I don't think this game supports mobile devices! ;u; Perhaps try again on a laptop.

!!!!!! oh gosh you can't believe how excited i was when i saw this in the visual novel page!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

there's not enough explanation points in the world to show how i excited!!! i am!!!!!!!!!

also julius and haku are so cute ohmygosh!!!!!!!! it's illegal to be that cute wtf

and mika!!!!!!! he was so good!!!!!!!

sorry for gushing but you did a good job!!!!!!!!! thank you for sharing this game with us all for free !!!!  by the way, how many battle live games do you plan on making?

ah!!! thank u so much! i finished the game now! ^o^ i had a hard time finding the branch c':

this was fun, thank u for making such a fun and cute game!!!

this is so cute!!!! ;u; but uhhh im stuck... what cool snack does the bunny kid want?

this is pretty neat!!!! thanks for posting this

Gosh, I love the art of this!!! I think this is a pretty neat concept, honestly!! Kudos to you all. Giggled wayyyy too much at Gil's questions. 

My result for the [long] quiz was: Picses!!! :P not too surprised, my choices were rather bubbly like. I'm a Virgo! [Or a Libra, I'm at what you call the 'cusp' I think? But a site says I'm a Virgo.]

This was super fun, kudos to you all!!

One suggestion, maybe maybe it more obvious when the MC is speaking and not narrating? 0: It personally got a little confusing sometimes, but that's all!

!!!!! AAAAA i enjoyed all the Battle Live games immensley!!! ;w; This one's making me cry though- I didn't expect to like Julius this much!!!!!! Will you be doing more games with these kids? [And what was Taiga talking about, not being able to ask Mikado?]

Yeah, I figured it wouldn't. ^^; You're meant to click [Music] and open it in another tab so that you can listen along. 

Thank you for playing, and I'm glad you liked the story!


May I ask if visuals or music is required? 0: I work mostly in Twine, and while I can incorporate those both, I don't have a tablet to draw...

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!!!! Oh my goodness I love this so much?? I was planning to wait until the game was finished but gosh I don't regret playing it now!!! It was so fun to do!! All the characters were so good! I like Snow a lot, but I do relate to them more seeing as I'm a writer, ehe. Joyce is another one of my faveorites though!! Kudos to you all to making such a good game!!

Ah and I forgot to say!!! But I'm super excited for part two!!!!