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awww, yea unfortunatley i dont think i can :{ but ty so much for answering! i wish you good luck on future projects :}

hi your art style is really good.....!!!!!
is it alright to ask what exactly the other sensitive content entails...? sorry, i'm just used to a certain trigger of mine coming up in visual novels so i'd like to check if it's here or not ^^

im so excited!!!!!!! ty for answering!!! ^o^

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omg this was so good!!!!!!!!! i really appreciate ciaran being nonbinary...... are they bigender or genderfluid?

and are you planning on a sequel? youve really got me hooked!!!!!!!

thank you very much!

hello! i was wondering- i watched a playthrough before on youtube,  though i can't find it now that i have the game. i was wondering if you were willing to tell me a way to get the scissors? i vaguely remember the player getting them, though i'm not sure!

Hi! This game looks intresting but I'd like to ask: are there any applicable trigger warnings beyond murder and death?

Yep, I have! Sorry for the late reply. I don't have my notebook but I believe it was the last number I am missing? If there were seven numbers, I'm missing the seventh.

hi!!! this game seems pretty neat ^^ im having a bit of trouble though. i'm looking for the ||spoilers|| passwordforthesavepointandcan'tfindthelastnumber ||spoiler|| was this intentional?

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[major spoilers for part two]

OHHHH MY GOSH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HYPED I WAS WHEN I SAW THE FULL VERSION WAS RELEASED DURING CLASS!!!!! it took me so much. self control not to just finish the game  during it since we had free time

it's so good?????? also i love the art in bell tech, especially joyce's cg!!! i got most of the achievements already [need pro guild, worker bee, cold hearted and completionist] and i'm!!!! also just WOAH at the art!!!!

also i want to steal joyce's outfit. both of them. also pheonix's but without the jeans. did i mention how nice the character designs are because!!! woah!!!!!!!

oh, and there was a bug i encountered? i didn't take a screenshot of it, but i rememeber it happens if you're in pheonix's route and are in their room. i don't think i made a choice or anything, it just happens when you go to the next dialouge. ren'py says there's a bug, but i can play as normal after.

OH and!!!!! the endings!!! are so good and the wait was so worth it!!!!! i support joyce and pheonix so much!!!!!!!!! just!!!!! they're both doing good and i'm proud of them, weirdly enough!!!!

also i had three playthrough saves going [one for my blind playthrough, except i forgot to turn helper options off for part two so it ended up being... not so blind, one for joyce and the other for pheonix] and im laughing because,,

[spoilersspoilers] if you get both joyce's and pheonix's affection in a even rank, the day starts out as if joyce was confessing but right before teal can give them an answer, pheonix calls them and it's just dramatic

oh, and joyce in the end credits when taking pheonix's or the protagonist route is a nice touch!! 

 that's all i had to say!!! thank you so much for making this game!!!! good luck in your next projects!!!

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HEY THIS IS A REALLY COOL CONCEPT!!!!!! I love how the choices and the gui is presented???????? It's a little silly to gush over but I like it!!!!! Also I love Marin and July!!!!!!! The way the skip is done is really cool too!!!!!!!! ALSO I LOVE MARIN AND JULY but alas :') i think when the game comes out, i'll go for maybe benett's route!!!! 

I'm a little curious, is there any way to purchase the dragon mask at the moment? 

I don't think this game supports mobile devices! ;u; Perhaps try again on a laptop.

!!!!!! oh gosh you can't believe how excited i was when i saw this in the visual novel page!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

there's not enough explanation points in the world to show how i excited!!! i am!!!!!!!!!

also julius and haku are so cute ohmygosh!!!!!!!! it's illegal to be that cute wtf

and mika!!!!!!! he was so good!!!!!!!

sorry for gushing but you did a good job!!!!!!!!! thank you for sharing this game with us all for free !!!!  by the way, how many battle live games do you plan on making?

ah!!! thank u so much! i finished the game now! ^o^ i had a hard time finding the branch c':

this was fun, thank u for making such a fun and cute game!!!

this is so cute!!!! ;u; but uhhh im stuck... what cool snack does the bunny kid want?

this is pretty neat!!!! thanks for posting this

Gosh, I love the art of this!!! I think this is a pretty neat concept, honestly!! Kudos to you all. Giggled wayyyy too much at Gil's questions. 

My result for the [long] quiz was: Picses!!! :P not too surprised, my choices were rather bubbly like. I'm a Virgo! [Or a Libra, I'm at what you call the 'cusp' I think? But a site says I'm a Virgo.]

This was super fun, kudos to you all!!

One suggestion, maybe maybe it more obvious when the MC is speaking and not narrating? 0: It personally got a little confusing sometimes, but that's all!

!!!!! AAAAA i enjoyed all the Battle Live games immensley!!! ;w; This one's making me cry though- I didn't expect to like Julius this much!!!!!! Will you be doing more games with these kids? [And what was Taiga talking about, not being able to ask Mikado?]

Yeah, I figured it wouldn't. ^^; You're meant to click [Music] and open it in another tab so that you can listen along. 

Thank you for playing, and I'm glad you liked the story!


May I ask if visuals or music is required? 0: I work mostly in Twine, and while I can incorporate those both, I don't have a tablet to draw...

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!!!! Oh my goodness I love this so much?? I was planning to wait until the game was finished but gosh I don't regret playing it now!!! It was so fun to do!! All the characters were so good! I like Snow a lot, but I do relate to them more seeing as I'm a writer, ehe. Joyce is another one of my faveorites though!! Kudos to you all to making such a good game!!

Ah and I forgot to say!!! But I'm super excited for part two!!!!