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Thanks for rating. :)

Thanks for playing. When you hold H , the text stays in the left bottom. Also there is a problem about this: it appears completely when you use fullscreen

Hello, here is mine :)

Hello here is mine .)

Oynadığınız için teşekkürler. Zaten ses ve grafikler konusunda çok iyi olmadığım için konsepte uyarlamaya çalıştım. :)

Hi here is mine

Hi here is my game

Hey, I have 10 rates. I think it's good for me. But if you want to play it, here :)

Hello. Here is mine :)

Nic ważnego (Does translate work good? :) )

benimki ilk 5 e girmez ama :)

Sizin oyunu oylayıp yorum yaptım da bu link benim oyun değil :) 

It's really enjoyable to find correct floor :)

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Thinking what to write feels good, actually.

It's a diffrent way to solve puzzle by writing.

It'll be game if you add some sound effects and musics and also  expand the story and world.

I think when we type wrong command, the game warns simply by text. Because otherwise command line looks very crazy when we type so many wrong commands.

Also i think when we press a button like TAB the game complete the important words automatically. E.g. In the coffee room: if we wrote nothing and pressed TAB, game would type drink.After that If we pressed again, game would type coffe.(We use it only when we stuck of course.)

Hi, mine is :

Yes, option will be good. Because I press the button only when i am near the bullet.

Thanks for your playing and feedback

Controlling bottle feels good.

There is no problem with art and sound. They are also good. I think you can keep your work like this.

I have some gameplay feedbacks: I think  the game need auto slow motion (when we are really close the bullet) and it is simple but maybe smaller play area will be better.

Lastly , yes, it matches with theme :)

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Thanks for your playing. I play yours asap. 

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Projeyi iptal etmek yerine böyle bir şey yapmak daha iyi olmuş. Bundan sonrası için başarılar :)

Thanks for playing and feedback

Thanks for your comment and playing :)

Hello. It is mine :)

Hello this is mine :)

Hello. Here is my little game :)

Hey,  it's mine :

Hey mine hasn't good art style but i think it's interessant . Enjoy :)

Oynadığın için teşekkürler. Ben de seninkini oynadım da daha yorum yapamadım ama yapacağım :)

Actually mine is small game and i didn't think anything to add. Maybe some more puzzles would be good.

Some things that define as bugs:

Some black space bottom the screen because of colliders.

I forget the add some text to hint text.

Merhaba. Benimki bu :)

Hello :)

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I think it need to be game. 

This is my favourite game in the jam.

Game design, innovation, graphics, sound, compatibility with theme is very good.

If some more funny elements will be added, it'll better to play.

It's a good idea. If it came to my mind, i would do that.

There is no specific combination. Some keypad numbers play a note, some of them play short melodies

Thanks for playing :)

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Grafikler, müzik güzel olmuş. 1 hafta için gayet iyi bir oyun. Zorluğu da yerinde oynamaya değer.

It's mine:

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Thanks for playing. Yes, it's little :)