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This fun and exciting game is the quintessence of all the best that there is in the games on the topic of hungry fish.

- Variety of fish copied from real fish
- Training Campaign
- Constantly keeps you in a state of concentration
- Fish, can very quickly die of hunger.
- Other fish are claiming your food
- 9 levels of fish evolution
- The possibility, or rather, the need, to pump your fish.
- 82 felt-tip pens to color your fish.
- Survival mode with 3 difficulty levels

If you score more than 1000 points in the HARD survival mode, then you will become famous because you could score 1000 points in the HARD survival mode.

To succeed you need to understand the fish well. Below is a list of all fish, their game size, as well as some useful tips.

1) Do not wait until the fish itself swims to you in your mouth, rush to her from all fins!
2) Prefer to catch the largest fish that you have in your teeth. In general, eat everyone in a row!
3) Try to stick to the center of the screen, so you will have more time and place to maneuver to shy away from the fish that you plan to snack.
4) The fish-hedgehog does not try to eat anything. This means that you can not be afraid of fish-hedgehog if your size is less than 5 in the absence of large teeth or less than 4 if they are available.