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Ultimate Strength

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That was cool!

I loved the graphics, the mechanics, physics, idea, and so on.

congrats for the project :)

Good job buddy!

It seems to me to be one of your first games, in fact when I saw the theme of this jam the first game that came to my mind was “bad ice cream”, so I was surprised to see just one fangame posted, the game was cool, some difficulties in the movement of the player, but it looks really cool, congrats for the project

Bacana demais o jogo, gostei do tema, da ideia, das mecanicas e afins, suspeitei dos nomes que estavam nos créditos, por isso vamo de comentário br kk, parabéns pelo projeto!

Duuuude. This game was incredible! the idea is fantastic, the graphics are cozy, it reminded me of the game “home sheep home” that I played as a child, the mechanics are very good!

congrats for the project! MASTERPIECE!

my machine overheated with 734 points :D

(maybe osu!catch helped me with something)

I really liked the game, simple and addictive!

nice arts, cool sounds, simple and cozy game, I had some fps drops, but the game is really good.

congrats for the project!

copy that buddy, thanks for your feedback!

it would be very interesting to continue the game (solve the bugs) and add some ideas commented by people, this is one of the most important in fact lmao

Thank you again for playing and commenting on your experience with the game :D

thank you very much for your feedback buddy!

I liked the ideas, they seem interesting, some were commented on during production but not executed, hearing this from someone who played the game tells me that the idea was good xd.

so, thanks again for play and comment :)

I’m glad to hear that, thanks buddy :)

a nice game, the screen size it’s a bit weird, but I liked the graphics, and the idea, congrats!

the idea is very good, the graphics are very cool, thinking about this game on a nokia it would be a great “gambling” jk lmao

congrats for the project buddy!


I found a way to play :)

The game is very good, the graphics are very cool, the mechanics are very interesting, the story is funny, and the game itself is quite satisfying

I thought hardware acceleration helped, but I noticed that when I disabled it THE GAME JUST WORKED?????

I don’t know exactly why but well, I loved the game’s graphics, the idea is quite interesting too, and the game is very easy to learn, congrats for the team ^^


thanks for the comment :)

the second bug was something that I couldn’t fix for some reason, I reviewed my code a few times to understand, but I didn’t find anything, this happened whenever I took damage very quickly from an enemy when entering the room, but why this happened idk lmao, I hadn’t found that first bug you found, my bad for not testing the game more xd

**But again, thanks for playing the game and commenting on your experience **

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Thanks for the comment.

I thought of some ways to solve this UI problem, but I had a lot of difficulty due to the limitations of the nokia, due to lack of time the hud could have been smaller too (since the idea of ​​upgrades was not done in time), opacity wasn’t an option too lmao

But thanks for play the game and giving your feedback! :D

I found this


I tried to activate it, but it still didn’t work, I think there is a problem with my GPU, my friend makes games in godot, and I’ve had this kind of problem, but he learned how to export it in a way that I can play, I don’t know exactly how, he had commented something like: “it must be a godot 4 error”, “there are 3 modes, one of them causes the bug”


The game looks cool, but I can’t open it


The graphic is cozy, I really liked the idea, the mechanics are really innovative, and the way the menu was created is fantastic!

Hearing this feedback makes me very happy :)

I should have made the game easier (mainly due to the fact that u are playing on a nokia lmao)

but thanks for play and comment on your experience

thanks for the feedback dude :)

The idea of ​​the game seems very cool, the art too, but unfortunately I can’t open the game either through the web version or the Windows version



Good job dude!

The game has simple graphics, but it’s very cool and intuitive, a satisfying game to play, but I realized that if u play a level without going through all the “squares” it’s possible to pass the level without losing (which I imagine wasn’t supposed to happen). But it’s an excellent game for Nokia!

hey dude, thanks for the comment! the more I play, the more bugs I find lmao

well, I really liked your review, I really created the game with the limitations of the Nokia, but at the end of the game the last thing I thought was “what would this look like on the Nokia 3310?”, it’s very interesting to rate it this way

thanks again for play the game and comment :)

The game it’s very good (even if I’m terrible), at times I felt the player was too fast (I imagine it’s the fps lock) sometimes the climber moves too fast, and it’s difficult to control, I really liked the use of effects it was used very well, the art is very pleasant, and the idea is interesting. Congrats buddy! :)

I really liked the tutorial, it explains it very well!

The graphics work, the hud is not confusing, the game is really addictive, and provides fun for several hours.

I enjoy the music, it has a cool loop, and that’s it.

congrats for the game :)

hey buddy, thanks for the feedback! yeah… the rooms need a nerf! (immediately lmao) and the boss ended up like that due to lack of time, I tried to do it as quickly as possible, and I ended up not thinking much about his difficulty (my bad). Anyway, thanks again for playing the game and commenting on your experience :)

Hey guys, put your game here for us to see

my game:

God bless you <3

im glad you liked it, i hope we can send the game with all our ideas by the deadline ^^

Ficou incrivel o jogo, parabéns, acompanhei toda a saga da produção e achei muito bom! Espero ver mais projetos no futuro para que possa assistir :)

NOKIA 3310 JAM 6 community · Created a new topic Good luck!

hey guys, let’s do this! Good luck to everyone and that’s it <3

Parabéns cara pelo seu jogo! Eu fui atrás da sua pagina no e me deparei com um game que já tinha visto em algum momento, não imaginava que você era brasileiro (ou pelos menos um falante de português kk) Eu participei da secret santa jam 2022 e 2023 então não pude trabalhar em nada para essa, mas muito bacana ter em mente que no fundo eu sabia quem era você sem saber, parabéns novamente ai meu mano!


Hey buddy, are u interested in help related to translations into portuguese and spanish?

hey buddy, im glad u liked it, we had a lot of ideas that unfortunately couldnt be finished due to time, but it’s still good to hear that u liked it. <3

amazing game, i loved the art of it

got it, u need to rest a bit xD

i enjoyed the idea of ​​the game, and the mechanics used, i believe that with a bit polishing it is enough to make the game even more fantastic, congrats dude!

lol, actually the game isnt finished, there were some stuff missing, and some ideas couldnt be realized, but thx buddy