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Ulises Freitas

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Thanks tonight I will play and rate yours.

Thanks tonight I will play and rate yours.

If you play it just let me know which is your game and I'll play and rate it too.

By the way WTF is not what you think is stands for World Trade Fun a series  of games I'm doing.

Pretty nice game, good for kids to learn compass locations

Basically WTFPL I just forgot to put the license in the template.

Although this template has a price for downloading if you don't want to pay, just write to me at and I'll make you a private key so you can get it for free.

Nice game the controls are almost perfect just add coyote time for the jumps and it's perfect.

Awesome nice job!

Which events are not working? and there is no tutorial of this template? just let me know how I can help you.

Press F in game to set fullscreen

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  • GDevelop 5 and PICO-8 as game engines
  • Aseprite for pixel art
  • LDtk for level design
  • Melody Raiser for music and sounds
  • Hiero for Bitmap Fonts
  • Pyxel Edit for tilemaps

Nice job, keep going.

Thanks I hope you enjoy creating games.

Awesome as always, keep going!!!

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Just to let you know that you can select GDevelop in the Made with instead of PixiJS.

Nice game by the way, keep going.

Awesome work as always. Keep going until this example slowly transforms into a very cool game.

It's not a bug more than a CHEAT. 

That was added during the GameJam then I totally forgot to remove it.

Nice game, good idea, I love the art, maybe a "coyote jump" over the platforms will be nice to see.

Or a double jump like in this game

Good job anyway.

A big thanks to THE GEM TUTORIALS for this gamejam, and to all participants.

I really enjoyed making this game in GDevelop 5

Simple Options in one scene

Hi could you please contact me @UlisesFreitas

Thank you for the feedback, Im on GDevelop since 30 days I'm still learning, this is my first game and I know it needs a lot of work and pulish. Thanks anyway.

CHEAT REVEALED: If you want to test All Swords,Armors and Helmets

In game click on the avatar at the left of the hud, and you get 10000 coins !!!!

New Enemy Devil Book

Super!!! It is so nice the crafted paper art.

You can test the demo here

Fantastic!!! game I love it instantly.

Nice keep going

First boss fight 

Available soundtrack here

Advancing Level Up system, more enemies, more items, hidden zones.

New brand founded, in  Games Igniter

Website working, Patreon created, Facebook page created.

Tomorrow the first boss will come into scene, thats the challenge.

Todays task, add two enemies, add collectables and chests, some tutorial signs and finally level 2, sorry I forgot to move the mouse LOL.

2 days task, intro, inventory and shops

Not achieved Wall Slide and Wall jump, I couldn't make this work. Is because my player moves are a mess. LOL.

Gem Jam 2 community · Created a new topic Game Start

The game starts, Splash Scene and Main Menu, what do you think about it?

I think everything is going to change when they add Tilemap support, this feature is a must have in any Game Engine

LOL, in the metadata when  you create the game in Engines there is no option to select GDevelop as Engine.