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Inside the game there is a Button named "Controls" every mapped button is there. For the bottom icons they are slots for potions.

Check if your projects is set to pixel perfect, also check your player animations bounding box and collision points

Muy bueno!!!

Nothing happens but seriously for $0.49 USD, you should rethink, each work takes time to do even if it seems simple.

Yes, you can, you can't resell as is it, but you can do derivated work of it.

Awesome game pretty original, good balance between assets, playability and sounds

First I do not want to offend anyone to be clear.

Now it seems really absurd to me to organize a Jam if you don't have enough staff to play all the games.

In my particular case, I spent every day until the last, investing time in creating my game, I even made updates 1, 2 and 3 times, to perfect the game. and then you tell me that I depend on others to know if it's good or not. and with the wickedness of people today.

I believe that the voting system is poorly organized, I prefer that 2 competent people judge it over 40 imbeciles.

It seems to me a big mistake on the part of the GDevelop organization in general.

In other gamejams that I have participated in, there were about 1,000 games and they are only valued by the judges and if they do not have time to play, the evaluation period is extended, that is logical.

Nothing as I say is just my opinion, no intention of offending anyone.

Awesome game for me one of the best games of the jam. Nice job, keep going.

This game is awesome, for me one of the best entries of the jam, nice job, keep going.

The gameplay is a bit rough at first but in a couple of minutes you control it quite well, the graphics are very original, and the progress little by little within the game is good.

For me it is a 4/5 for the gameplay.

Great work keep it up.

Nice game, could be improved to be a starter platformer template.

Hi mates whats is the rate policy of the jam, some games has 0 rates and others 25, thats not fair at all.

I think that some parameters should be established so that all participants are obliged to vote, otherwise if anyone can interfere in the voting, there will be no votes according to the number of games.

Another option is as they do in other GameJams, only a jury votes in this way, they make sure that the votes are even for all the participants.

That beign said just rate my game if you like.

Hi thanks for the feedback, sorry character dead is not implemented.

Hello everyone I have been playing some of the games that have been published on GameJam but they are made with Unity.

Are they valid for the Jam?

I thought that you only have to develop them in GDevelop, is that correct?

Are you going to delete them?

That beign said I just want to share my game for the jam

WTF WARS - Companion & Pets

Yes you can use it in commercial projects, but not resell as it is.

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Aseprite and PNG are included. in case you don't have Aseprite you can use!/ it's almost the same but Open Source

Thank you very much for the feedback.

Send me some screenshots of what you're trying to do so maybe I can help you. I mean to do this better go into the and create a new thread.


The font is PressStart2P I think I grabbed from is free to use 100%

As I say before in some post, Socceralia is a WTFPL So basically you can do what you want, just don't use the same name.

When you add an external layout you need and must select a scene to write the events related so if later you copy or clone the scene the external will be linked to that copy too. Usually just use one scene and link the externals to that scene by linking.

For instance MainScene has an UI layer then create an external layout with the same name UI and create UIEvents as external Events. Then in MainScene add Link to UIEvents, this way if you need UIEvents to run in other scene that is not MainScene just add a link to that new Scene and it will work the same.

Hope this helps.

Hi Barbie nice to meet you, I think Socceralia is a WTFPL so basically you can do what you want with the code even sell or put ads or whatever.

Sure is done now

Rated 5 to all, awesome game.

Nice game love the lights thing.

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Hi I'm going to try to record all the game process and publish here the videos. No voice sorry I'm not English speaker.

Day 1


Part 2:


Day 2



Day 3


Part 7:

Part 8: 

Part 9:

Part 10: 

Ok, I think is fair, no problem I will try to make all the game assets during the jm, thanks for the answer.

Hi and thanks for hosting this jam, I just want to ask if is possible to start making the assets for my game before the Jam, is going to be a pixels art game so is a time consumer to do assets during the jam.

All my games use assets made by me so there is no need to ask no one for permission.

Plus you can see all my games and templates for GDevelop here: 

Hi you can play online here make sure you press F to fullscreen 

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Es buenísimo con que engine lo habéis hecho? 5 estrellas a todo

Thanks tonight I will play and rate yours.

Thanks tonight I will play and rate yours.