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that's not itch, as everything else on the store seems to be able to pay with card. 

Speculation leads to suggestions, which leads to a better game. What your saying to me is that our opinions don't matter and any critique is wrong.

You should try getting it onto the Google Play store as I feel it shouldn't be too hard to make it Mobile Friendly

also being able to hold right click to click and drag the map would also help

You should add two things
1. Layers that would allow you to make new cells on top of old cells

2. "Elevator Cells" or something that would let Bees go from one floor to the next

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This looks to be the full game, so it being Free is most likely not going to happen, although it is on Sale on Steam by a Significant prize reduction 

  Not sure how else to Contact you but is it ok to upload edited assets if they are Purely for getting peoples Opinions on Discord?
  I have 2 edits of your Mermaid done and wanted to get peoples opinions but I didn't want to upload the image showing all 3 unless you're ok with it.

 Note that it's not 3 individual images but just a single one to show comparison 

Game runs if I click the Link, has been having issues with HTML 5 and flash playing

Game won't run, says it "Refused to connect"

You should really say that in the first place 😂

I remember this game and it was a flash game you'd play online for free

Why must I pay for something that for YEARS was free?

from what I can see as it is now It's still unpolished, but I am VERY much looking forward to when it is

Is there a way to report certain games?

How do I do this?

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How can I get it to show first person like the screenshot you provide shows?

Also Is there a way to look around using Mouse, and W / Forward arrow key to move? that way the player can use the mouse to look around and when they Press forward they will go in the direction they are looking

Can you enable / disable this at will? As in your game plays normally but during certain times it turns on the 3-D

Why does it take paypal only? 

For $1 how have people not bought this?

Download WinRar, its a Paid for but it NEVER locks anything so you get 100% access to it for free 

IS there a tutorial on how to set this up completely?

 as this looks really cool

Are the animations limited to certain characters, or do they work for All TF character sprites?

Is there a guide to show me how to get this setup into my MV project, and is there a guide for the other tilesets as well?

If you need anything as proof of purchase let me know

  I got this because it looks nice and showed up in a search for things that work with RPG Maker *(this doesn't)* So I would like to see about getting a refund for this product