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Who knows

Not soon , I think 

Old saves don't work in this version, that's why you get an error. Thank you - You can find it here.

No, it isn't, I checked it

(1 edit)

That's really hard ending, and even I can't remember how to get it, so

Soon you can try the new update for two faceless adventures, just wait end of the month.

1 looks like that

2Not so sure, If you are about metal tool, it's inside of a book, If you're about a card, you need to be in a good relationships with Mother Russia or with guardians.

I am well. During the first working day, you have to ask her about the strange symbols, for this you must first find the symbol of Baphomet in the shower, as far as I remember. In any case, there is a passage on the official website.

I don't remember everything, but you need to go with Gasmask girl, when they ask you at the club, you have to write Sam/Samantha, this will increase memory points. Her name will just become known to you after the first passage.

But nobody came 🙃

I'll add you in group and we can talk, if you want, my little one. write me here if you want

Hmmm... Not sure, but I'll try. At least you can use Joiplay into your Android.

Perhaps your android version is simply not supported

This is due to exchange rates, the inability to withdraw funds, changing my bank, etc.

  It's just that if there is an opportunity to support me on Boosty, then it would be easier, but of the currencies there are only rubles. This will not affect the players in any way, if someone purchased the game here, then new updates will also be available to them, the next day after the supporters.

What are you asking about?) About the update? Yeap it's okay 😌

They are already in the game.

You may notice how others are doing this (for example, the scene with gloryhole), the father of one girl will come into the room when you are kneeling in front of her, periodically the characters threaten to make your situation public, and some of the residents will even notice it, but this is not the main idea.

Not as a basic fetish, but it can occur.

It is not finished and will not be translated into English.

I'm too busy developing new projects, the situation in the world and so on, friend. And after all, there really is a passage on the site. Try it yourself, or ask around on the forums, maybe someone will answer. I can't start the game again right now, and replay it for everyone who asks, I hope you'll understand me.

Actually Idunno. About 10-20?

They don't work only on android, unfortunately. And yes, there really is not everything in the menu of endings, consider that you have found "special"

Yes, and you can unzip .rar just like you can unzip .zip

So it should be, this is a zip file, right-click and unzip it

QTE don't work on Android

There is no gender choice and there shouldn't be. The character literally has a name and a history, and whether she can remember them during the game is up to you.


Release date? No. I don't want to limit myself to any framework, after all, I'm doing the project entirely by myself. I can only say that the game will consist of 3 acts, and all this is only a small part of the first one.

It's easier to follow the comments. Therefore, we are changing topics to them. Scenes with Temple are available only from version 0.02, but I can warn you that several edits will be made there in the new version. The next update won't be released until the end of this month, so stay horny.

When the update is ready, I will release it. The new version will have new mechanics, lighting, inventory, animations and events, so not earlier than the end of this month.

Because Temple only appears in version 0.02.

Hi, I read the review and in general everything is clear to me, but some claims are claims to the demo. In fact, there are quite a lot of scenes in the game, it's very strange that you didn't find any of them.

1. I use this in events where doors are transported to the same location, in this case it would be necessary to do a check on the player's position, and I really don't know how to do it on JS.

2 As the character says - she can't get to it.

3 After you collect 10 chemoline, you need to brew a potion, and then take them to the chief. But in reality, this is also the end of the main quest.

4 I'm not sure I understand you, but I think I fixed it.

I have a discord server, but I don't mind talking if you want, I have a couple of questions about RPG maker MV

As far as I understand, yes, by buying a license for $ 10, you will get access to all future versions, including, but as always, I recommend Patreon, since the subscription includes both a discord server and access to all other projects (such as Space Prison). 

 At the expense of the android version - I don't know, I'll try to do it, but not for this version, but in the plans - yes, it is.

Hello. Any of the tiers(including pinkie) has access to the space prison(The Final version), they will also get early access to the new project as soon as other Patrons. At least this time. In particular, you will get to our discord server. 

 You can see the passage of the game on the game page on the main site, however, there is a passage for version 0.83, but to be honest, there are most of the endings with a detailed description (Made by one of the players who manually parsed my code.

 My gender... I have no idea why you need this information. By the way, I have never hidden it, but let it be an intrigue for you.

 At the expense of the text editing. Hmm... In fact, it could be useful. However, this will apply to the new game (Two faceless adventures), because I don't want to return to Space Prison anymore.

It is literally written on the official page of the game on the website. Password: 20354

I realized, well, you can make a .ru domain from anywhere, just like .com

You got suspicious while playing SP. There are quite a few references in Russian, but I never said anything to anyone) Sherlock)