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They do! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Adi x Carey is such a fun one 🚣‍♀️

Thank you for playing, and for saying such nice things! I love seeing players enjoying all the little details in the expressions and animation. Not too much longer now!!

Thank you!!

Thank you for your patience!

Woops! Thanks for catching it, I've uploaded a new fixed build.

Thank you for sharing! I'm always so honoured when people say they spent lots of time going through the game + trying to unpack it.

This is so beautiful and made my day, thank you so much for sharing. My heart is warmed. I hope your replay was rewarding!

There's a walkthrough here.

No, there's no save function.

Hey, thanks for playing. Glad you got through unspoiled and had a good time!!

Thanks for reporting. Ren'py has been having some issues lately with antivirus programs reporting false positives. I've replaced the .zip with one that should be fine.

Thanks for the question! Not at the moment, but I can look into it. There's a HTML version that runs in-browser that might be good for something.

Thanks so much for leaving this comment, I've been thinking about it all morning. It's the first comment I've seen on the naming of Arzan + his family and I'm really glad someone noticed and that it meant a lot to them!!

Can you email with some more details (were you using the itch app or in-browser, what happened when you tried to run the app)? I'll look into it.

Thanks for the lovely words. 

This isn't the sort of story to give you all the pieces, but between multiple replays + the making of book you have a pretty good set of tools. Beyond that I can only suggest swapping notes with other players!

Thanks for playing! Glad to hear you persevered.

Sounds like you've seen an ending for all five chapters. The blacked out pages in Apollinariya's chapter are inaccessible + the wheat field is the end of Cevahir's chapter. There are a lot of endings for Arzan's chapter but two main ones, and quite a few for Al's but it sounds like you reached one of them.

There's no big thing that happens once you've completed every chapter; you'll have to decide for yourself when you're ready to stop playing.

Thank you for sharing your solution! 

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Bring out your BUGS

Nine dates enter! which one will LEAVE

Thank you for your comment! It is very lovely and means a lot. I'm glad my game resonated with you💕

Thank you!

Thank you! I'm very glad to hear that (: