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venga.... que faltan otros 15 proyectos :-)

really love the graphics style. Some times it's difficult to distinguish the pickable items, but I really love your naif sprites, they have a lot of personality. 


Muchas Gracias por el consejo :-) Pero una de las cosas que estoy intentando es captar y aprender casi todas las areas del desarrollo de juegos... y bueno ya se ve que creando personajes soy un NEGADO!!!!! 

Igualmente, cuando hice este juego.... no sabia que habían sprites libres ;-)

Love it! Simple but nice!

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I just published in my first project:

The art is really simple, I'm an old C++ developer and the most difficult part was create the character, and the atmosphere. 

I'ts a simple platformer game, but I'm happy with the result, I know that I have to improve a lot, but I'm thinking in a second project :-) 

I did it with Unity in my Spare time, I'm a cybersecurity specialist in a bank, with a family and some Hobbies, and I can dedicate to game development just some hours per week. 

The game is multiplatform, but the Android versión is my favourite, despite, you can play wich the WEB version and Download a MAC version from 

Giskard is a simple paltform, where a Robot must collect Gems to open portals to differents universes, every universe is different and introduce a new level of complexity. 

Comments are wellcome! And please, if you have any Advice about how I can Improve my design skills, don hesitate to say. 

Thanks, Pere Martra.