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It seems to not be.

So the full game never was made right it cant otherwise the copyright laws. correct?

This game made me realise the darkness its comfortable it heals your mind it makes you at peace and it lessens the effects of heat damage(fire).

The light it burns it blinds it horrifies i now totally want a bright game with biblically accurate angels thats a horror.

he kinda did look like how i imagined him in my head. huh

unfortunately i cannot get any past the slots due to my game not showing the play or leave buttons

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im clicking that slot machine lever and it isnt working can there be a way to fix the problem(the play and leave buttons wont show up) and my resolution seems to automatically go to widescreen each time i start the game since the first..

heres hoping for floor 69 dlc

444 the number 4 holds some japanese meaning iirc also check tarot

what about alt enter

I swear i have seen a game with a similar font.. ah yes monster girl quest i believe.. Somebody has beeen inspiiiireeed.

Genuinely curious?

I just want one thing to make this game to unimaginable levels.. just the ost as a seperate file to download it's that genuinely good.

My brain has made a dumb joke ending idea where you just cut the cake.

So which order do i play in?

The game is quite a piece of art beyond horror it just fascinated me.

Also just to make sure how many endings are there?

Well.. kind of funny how two games on opposite ends of the spectrum share the name mother.

why does it think its a virus does this do things similar to undertale?

i heard things about this game on the jimmy and the pulsating mass discord

I like it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                i'll be honest i wanted to find someone who speaks japaneses opinions on saya no uta i believe it inspired tokyo ghoul.

nvm i found it i just looked deep and found the game

What happened to the hawkman?

Oh thank god i thought it was dead.

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I loved the original and love this oen comedic gold

will we get melancholy and vainglory as old sins?

What happened to lovexlust?

good game excellent puzles awesome art/graphics (sidenote have you played saya no uta the red strings club reminds me of it and i don't know why)

while is now up

but it looks cool i want to download it

just a question

umm when is it gonna re-appear