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thank you for your reply!

For some reason, when I clicked on "Playmaker Actions" in the URL

it did not respond in my environment.

I copied the link, went to that URL, and was able to download it...!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to respond...!


This text has been translated using machine translation.
I am considering purchasing Super Text Mesh.
The SuperTextMesh purchase page states that Playmaker is supported.
Documentation and forums
I have confirmed this.
I then checked to see if PlayMakerActions could be downloaded.
I couldn't download it, probably due to a broken link.
I want to operate Super Text Mesh with Playmaker. Is it possible to download PlaymakerAction for Super Text Mesh?


This sentence is a machine translation.

I am using Unity2022,2,5f1.

I created a node using [FleeceEditor] and saved it as CSV.

Save was successful and CSV was output.

However, I corrected the CSV and loaded it with [FleeceEditor]

The correction is not reflected in the text in [FleeceEditor].

Is there a way to fix this?

It says "Loaded story from ●●.csv" on the console.