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Did I ever sent you a key? Otherwise, please make a contact request with your email address and link your youtube channel on so that I have your email to send the key to.

hm? Not sure I understand

Ohai, still interested? I could send you a key now. 

You might need to run "sudo cert-sync /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt" or something similar. See also

Hey, I'm not sure. Might need to google for that. Alternatively, the game is also on the humble store.

Vintage Story is a survival sandbox game inspired by the MC Mod TerraFirmaCraft. 

Some Key facts:
* Challenging survival mode with novel crafting mechanics. Start in the stone age and progress into copper, bronze and iron age.
* Hand made and highly optimized game engine with beautiful graphics.
* Built from the ground up with modding in mind.

Link to page:

Nice game! Would be awesome if the webgl version would save the progress when you close the browser.

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Hey community! <3

Let me introduce...

Vintage Story is a carefully crafted sandbox survival game that is heavily inspired by minecraft mods like SevTech and TerraFirmacraft. It originally started out as a minecraft mod, but soon turned into a standalone game as I grew tired of the cumbersone, non-official modding api that breaks after every game update. That is the reason that the game is highly moddable, in fact the games vanilla content is implemented as a mod too!

There's already a bunch of Let's Plays on Youtube for you to see how the game feels like:

Some of our features include

  • A creative Mode with large scale terrain sculpting tools that you can select from a toolbar like in MS Paint
  • A polished and well balanced survival mode with pronounced ages (stone age, copper age, bronze age, iron age)
  • Immersive in-world crafting for stone tools, pottery and smithing
  • Very open to modding, parts of the source code are readable, we have our own model creation and animation tool, a great level of modifications can be done without any programming knowledge


Oh alrighty then, thank you for your reply!

Just published my game (i did not check the unlisted option) but it neither shows up in the list of newest games nor can it be found through search I haven't seen anywhere in the dashboard or in the FAQ that games go through some approval process... do they?