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internet is needed only once when you first start the game, after that it can be purely offline

Hehe, more simple than that -

I'd love support mac if it werent such a PITA to work with.

Just one time. After that you can remain offline and the game will keep on working.

Indeed. For reference this is how my game page looks like on 4k - quite jarring.

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It works the same way as with minecraft - you can host for free locally, through port forwarding or via vpn e.g. hamachi.

If you need a 24/7 online server with good connection bandwidth and easier setup a paid server is better, yes.

Would much appreciate if a theme background image could be set to scaling. As of right now you can make it either look good on an HD screen or a 4k screen, but not both.

If you upload a hd image - it repeats or cuts off on 4k screens
If you upload a 4k image - it is heavily zoomed in on an hd monitor.

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I see. I uploaded a different background and increased the opacity now, that should hopefully help with readability.

Hey, not a fan of full bold sentences but i rephrased the text to be more clear now, hope that helps.


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Sorry to hear you had a bad time. We hare happy to help - our official support channel is through the main sites support ticket system -

When requesting a password reset - please disable BitDefender, if you have it installed. It silently blocks all requests to our site, for no apparent reason and its the only application that seem to do that.

Also feel free to request a refund through

It is PC-independent, but you need one account for each player. They all need to log in once, after that you can play offline. For an offline LAN party you might need to set VerifyPlayerAuth to false in the serverconfig.json before launching a game server, otherwise I think they won't be able to connect

After purchase, please redeem your key on the "My Purchase" page - it is a link that lets you create a game account to log in to the game.

Hi, currently no, sorry

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Ah yes, don't need to pay extra to switch OS, just download whichever version you need

I never used the app so I can't tell I'm afraid.

Oh, that's weird. I was not aware of that

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Ok, added a sentence there. It's right below the downloads section on

(please note, its not called steam key, its the first google image search result)

Read the first sentence of the game description here on

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Lovely game. Great work on the ambient and music, it makes for a really soothing experience!
The island was quite a challenge! I just barely made it. All in all, surely worth paying for ^_^

2 bugs that were quite apparent:
- When accidently placing a toxin scrubber out of range of electricity, then placing any others nearby that do have electricity have no effect
- The bee sprites gfx seem to break down into weird yellow pixely globs when its raining

Oh yea, I was also kinda hoping that when after I finished the island I'd be rewarded with a "Congrats, you made it!" screen with some bonus gfx/sfx.

Yes, currently you need a game account in any case, but it lets you skip the site/forum account when buying it from itch/humble. I've now added a notice to that paragraph on the site so its more clear. Sorry for the confusion.

The download provided on the site is the full game, I'm not sure about the app, I never tried that one.

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Its also available on the humble store and our site. Regarding Steam, see FAQ:

Yes, once you logged in for the first time, you should be able to play without internet connection indefinitely.

No difference, you get the same game. Getting it from the vintage story site is merely a little lower priced

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No, currently there is no demo available. But if the game is not to your liking or doesnt work for you, I'm happy to refund it personally when bought on and I think the refund policy here on is also pretty generous.

Ok, will add that to the next version

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I suppose that should merely contain "mono VintageStory.exe", right?

it already is multiplayer

Yes, you have to log-in once to be able to start playing. After that you could stay offline or block connections forever.

Weird, I could have sworn I removed the local-coop tag before. Well, now its removed again. Its currently not possible to do local-coop on the same machine, sorry for the confusion.

I'm glad you like the game! It was indeed born out of a desire to deliver an experience we hoped MC to have, but which never came

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Hm, thats weird, could you write me a one-line support ticket on our site please:
It's a easier to handle support for me there.

Hey Jackill, from what I can see, our servers are operating nominally. What operating system are you on?

In case its linux, you might need to install some certs. See also our forum post on setting up the game on linux.

Hi gunnar_z. On the download section, a bit further down should be a game key link think. When you browse to that link you can set up a game account and then log in in-game. 

Hope that helps!

You should be able to pay in BRL on our main site. I don't well we'll support Vulkan in the near future.

Oh, right, seems like i forgot to properly mark it as the linux version. I fixed that now, thanks for pointing that out :)

Did I ever sent you a key? Otherwise, please make a contact request with your email address and link your youtube channel on so that I have your email to send the key to.

hm? Not sure I understand

Ohai, still interested? I could send you a key now. 

You might need to run "sudo cert-sync /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt" or something similar. See also