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Hey guys,

The new DLC will be named Alcatraz. It will include a completely different story which will be longer than the original game, and more complex aswell. This is just a small update, as I am planning it out as we speak.

Hey guys,

I have started work on the first ever DLC for this game. The DLC will allow you to play either the original, or the brand new DLC. The content will not be revealed as it is very early in development and is definitely subject to changes. Thank you all for all the support.

Hey guys,

Prison remastered is a remade version of my first ever game, with some updates to make it a more interactive experience. If you experience any bugs please post here.

Thanks so much.

Also can I ask how did you get your logo above the unity symbol when the game loads? I dont know how to do that

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Of course

I know you have worked hard, I want to say I do the same but your slightly better than me at game design, scratch that waaaaaayyyy better :) Out of interest when do you estimate the new levels to be out?

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Update It was really worth the 0.99$, I would pay more for this. Even $2.50. Not sure about anyone else. So much fun i love it. Good job!

This looks really cool.  I want to make something like this soon but at the moment im still learning the ropes of game design. Im downloading it.

Brickin' It is a block breaker game made by me. All the game sounds, including theme music, boing sounds and crack sound, was made by me on garage band. I request that you do not copy the music or sounds because it took me a lot of time and effort. However i cannot prevent this and all I want is for people to enjoy my game. Thanks for all of the support I have been getting. Link :

Brickin' It is a block breaker game created by me and is a 2D colorful happy game. All sounds and music was created by me in Garage band, yes even the cracking and boinging sound, and is not subject to copyright but I ask you dont use it. Thankyou

Hey guys,

I am starting off a chat about any bugs you come across, or if the game is over priced. I need to know your opinion. If any hate messages are sent they will not be tolerated and reported immediatley however constructive critisism is wanted, also maybe some english lessons for myself as you can see. :)

Number Wizzard UI 17 community · Created a new topic Bugs

Hey guys, please post your comments on any bugs you find here or just generally chat. Also please pay something towards this game so I can later price it. I am not forcing you but it Yeovil’s be helpful. Thanks

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Thanks I will do this. I see what you mean and fully take it on board as I have seen other people’s uploads. I will take screenshots and edit the page thanks for the support

Prison community · Created a new topic Comments

Hey I am the developer of this game. When we first released it the menu didnt work but it is fixed now. Please comment what you think about this also this is my very first game so dont say things like "why isn't it 3D" or "why is there only text" because I just haven't learnt it yet. Thanks for the support.