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Thanks! Also good work on the videos that's a lot of games to play through :)

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Windows 10 64-bit, i7 3820 @ 3.6Ghz, 16GB RAM, HD 7970 3GB

Ran the game in windowed mode with desktop resolution at 1920x1080 on a 144hz monitor.

Really good game! Would love to see this expanded on the humor was done great and the game had a really good feel to it.

Only had a few small bugs I encountered:

  • Chat log sometimes flickers while scrolling, happens at game start and on level ups
  • Framerate stutter when moving diagonally on world map
  • Can't battle some of the ghosts in the castle (not sure if intentional?)

Also I'm definitely interested in your engine if you ever make it available publicly!

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The enemy stats were not randomized per se but their is some RNG. Their health is static and the rest for both player and enemy is based on D6 with a multiplier. So for instance the enemies have a multiplier of 2 for damage, then a random is rolled 1-6 and so their damage can be 2-12.

Thanks for the tip about canvases, it's something I want to learn to use just haven't gotten to it :)

Nice game! Took a minute to get used to using the roll but once I did it felt nice and fluid :)

The '3D' look is very cool as well.

It was made in Löve! There is now a macOS version! Let me know if you have any issues with it :)

Really awesome game. Couldn't put it down until I got to white wizard guy the second time and only reason I stopped was because there was a crazy camera bug that stopped me hehe.

Really impressed with this game! It's got it all! Even character creation!

Fun game! Was really intense when you turned it up to hard.