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Really glad these are available- took me right back to the weekly wait for the mystery to unravel. Definitely wouldn't mind another mind bending journey through the land of typing.

Too spoopy for me.


So I LOVE this game but two things I noticed. 1.) The extra oxygen tanks despawn whenever I reload my save. Not huge but a little annoying. 2.) The radio spawned on a planet that I landed on but I was quickly overpowered due to not having a lot of resources. I left to regroup but the marker went away and I couldn't find it again.

Really strong way to present a confined story like this! I'd be really interested to see if you make a game that built on this idea in future. Keep up the good work!

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Speaking as someone who was obsessed with the book as a kid there's some things this nails. Riding a horse down a country lane and seeing the silhouette of a Martian fighting machine emerge between the trees was 100% spot on. I think this game has potential.

So this game is a marriage of two play styles that I'm not very good at, and the result was something I was not really good at but that didn't stop me from getting hooked. Really satisfying to get to the end- would definitely play something like this in future!