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Thanks for checking it out!  Hold on to your hat though, I'm taking this further for the finish your game jam!

So many wonderful memories, collabs, and memes came from there. To this day whenever I think about teeth, I remember that ooo soo cursed Bitsy jam.

A fitting, and lovely tribute/goodbye to the Bitsy Discord!

I know exactly what happened! When I first implemented the Larger Ploaks upgrade, I also shortened how long it took to grow. The growth is handled by a switch statement, which if you upgraded just at the right moment, skips a case, and leaves the ploak stuck! Thanks for the heads up, and thanks for playing through!

Thanks! That room was MUCH harder before I patched it. Before the room didn't reset completely, so all those spawn enemies would be persistent! Fun Fact: I named that room "One Way Out".

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First of all,  thanks for playing the game!!!  I 'll have to check through the  game again, as I thought I managed to fix all of my file names to stop that kinda of erorr.  Once again thanks for playing!

Thanks! I never knew about the Spectrum. However, after looking at screens shots of games, it is definitely an aesthetic I was trying to shoot for!

Wonderful font as always!

Thanks for playing!! Glad you decided to hunt for the endings!

Wonderful work! Enjoy your rest!

That was very cute! Loved the colors!

Thanks for checking it out! Just finished uploading what should be the final version!  Glad you enjoyed the spooky vibes!

That was a nice, chill vibe. That was neat with the ship coming in!

Thanks for playing! The looping back to the was an intentional story beat to try and add some foreshadowing, though the story moves at a break neck speed. Overall I am pleased with what I got done!

Took a few page reloads, but I found all the strings!  Loved how each area had a mechanic to it! Well done!

After a few hour sessions, I finally beat it!  Great work on the game, but DAAAAAANG THAT THIRD SECTION IS INTENSE!

Thanks Ducky, I needed this today.

Thanks for playing through!  I am glad you enjoyed the music layering

Less than 30 minutes,  how naive I was...

After a couple of separate downloads and a few play tests, the error has been fixed! Glad you have enjoyed what you have played so far!!

I definitely know this crash, and have fixed one before.  I'll have this fixed in less then thirty!

Great job Onion, the writing was top notch!


Just finished playing through it, this was ABSOLUTELY Lovely.  The music was a great addition adding to the adventure, and I thought all of the rooms looked stunning!

Glad you enjoyed what you played!  Though it sounds I might need to knock down that 7 to 5, that way more people can make it to the second level!

This was my most ambitious Bitsy I've made yet! Thanks for playing through!

Well done! Great work on the art and story!

One reason: Ease of access.  I am very rarely on my PC these days,  and on my MAC more often than not when I am on a computer. 

Thanks! I might revisit this world later, there is a lot more going on in writing than what made it into the game!

I've kinda of been stuck in my normal writing procedure of researching, world building, and wanting to write something else because I feel the scope is spiraling out of control.   Though I feel like I am finally starting to hone on what I want this to be!  

I thought I had found everything there was, didn't know about that command line code!  It finally allowed me to open the game! Thanks! Now I just gotta wait after work tomorrow to dig in!

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As of 9/14/19 issue has been solved by the link in laikaproj's reply
Unfortunately, I am still running into the same issue.  Just to test it out I've downloaded a couple of other games with mac versions off of Itch , but both of those were able to unzip and open.   When I extract the zip there is no indication of anything going wrong during extraction. 

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So I've downloaded the Mac OS version a couple of times now, and every time I try to launch the game it pops up with :
Did something go wrong with the Mac upload? Looking forward to playing the game!

I am opening this on a 2016 Mac Book Pro.

Thank you for playing through it!  It really made my day!! I glad you like the art!

I don't know if I've ever said it since I started making Bitsy games, but this tool has been instrumental in the Bitsy games I've made! Thanks for making this, I greatly appreciate it!!

That line right is the moment it all descended into madness.

Hooray!! I am glad you did!

I'm glad this has been an educational experience!

WOW, just WOW!  The art, and music fantastic, but the writing!  It was absolutely superb!  From the clues, suspects, at motives, it was an engaging mystery to solve! Also thank you for having to foresight  that you don't need to start over if you make the wrong choice ;) Lastly that he music track is PERFECT for this! 

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah I had the ending joke in mind when I started, so I thought the gradual descent into nonsense would be a fun. Yes they are sad snails,  sad sea snails to be exact! I was inspired by the Strombus_alatus, also known as the Florida Fighting Conch for their design and the mech shape!