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Glad you enjoyed what you played!  Though it sounds I might need to knock down that 7 to 5, that way more people can make it to the second level!

This was my most ambitious Bitsy I've made yet! Thanks for playing through!

Well done! Great work on the art and story!

One reason: Ease of access.  I am very rarely on my PC these days,  and on my MAC more often than not when I am on a computer. 

Thanks! I might revisit this world later, there is a lot more going on in writing than what made it into the game!

I've kinda of been stuck in my normal writing procedure of researching, world building, and wanting to write something else because I feel the scope is spiraling out of control.   Though I feel like I am finally starting to hone on what I want this to be!  

I thought I had found everything there was, didn't know about that command line code!  It finally allowed me to open the game! Thanks! Now I just gotta wait after work tomorrow to dig in!

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As of 9/14/19 issue has been solved by the link in laikaproj's reply
Unfortunately, I am still running into the same issue.  Just to test it out I've downloaded a couple of other games with mac versions off of Itch , but both of those were able to unzip and open.   When I extract the zip there is no indication of anything going wrong during extraction. 

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So I've downloaded the Mac OS version a couple of times now, and every time I try to launch the game it pops up with :
Did something go wrong with the Mac upload? Looking forward to playing the game!

I am opening this on a 2016 Mac Book Pro.

Thank you for playing through it!  It really made my day!! I glad you like the art!

I don't know if I've ever said it since I started making Bitsy games, but this tool has been instrumental in the Bitsy games I've made! Thanks for making this, I greatly appreciate it!!

That line right is the moment it all descended into madness.

Hooray!! I am glad you did!

I'm glad this has been an educational experience!

WOW, just WOW!  The art, and music fantastic, but the writing!  It was absolutely superb!  From the clues, suspects, at motives, it was an engaging mystery to solve! Also thank you for having to foresight  that you don't need to start over if you make the wrong choice ;) Lastly that he music track is PERFECT for this! 

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah I had the ending joke in mind when I started, so I thought the gradual descent into nonsense would be a fun. Yes they are sad snails,  sad sea snails to be exact! I was inspired by the Strombus_alatus, also known as the Florida Fighting Conch for their design and the mech shape!

Thanks!  I am glad you like the lift! I spent more time than I would have like having to fix it, but I think it turned out to be a really effective illusion!

This is absolutely amazing! The art direction was superb, I love all of the little touches like Friend0's hands moving! Story sooo WHOLESOME AND LOVELY. Also Caeth's music is super lovely and adds to the whole thing! Well done!

WOW! This is a whole 'nother level of Bitsy! Well done!

Glad you enjoyed it! 

Nicely done! Wasn't expecting the frog to jump so high!

Thanks!!!! This was truly one  AMBITIOUS Bitsy game!  I am glad the big images worked out, all thanks to Image to Bitsy.  I don't know what I would do without that tool!( I do know know what I would due, suffer while stilling complex images...)

Good post!  I think I am going to attempt some of this madness for the Tarot Jam!

Absolutely amazing.  The art is great, but the inclusion of the atmospheric music really takes this to another level!

That was great! The whole experience felt like a watching a Let's Play on Youtube. Also the second play through was highly entertaining! Well done! 

Cool!  I look forward to playing it!  I love me some Pacific Theater!

This game was a project I started back in October for devtober, and now it is  finally finished!

The Light of Roggenburg follows the story of Lunaire, a wandering moth,  stops by the fishing village of Roggenburg to rest for the night. However, he is quickly abducted by cultists that worship "The Light", and he finds himself fighting for his life.

You can download for free here!

Thank you for checking it out!

Hooray! I am glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing what Emma's reaction is to the references!

I had never head the song before, so I played it along with the thing.  I thought how you depicted the "falling" room was great!  It really gave the feeling of falling.   Also I agree with Onion, more bunny and cat!  

Thanks for checking it out!  I am sure the next harvest will be {rbw}plentiful{rbw}

Great story, what a wonderfully wacky twist!

Great job!   The environments, and sprites were awesome!  I also loved the menagerie of things used for the tape!

Awesome job!  It is a tie between Ocean and Dark world for my favorite track.  I like the melody of Ocean, but Dark Wrold has some great energy.  Thanks for including your music!

The environments were absolutely mind blowing!  Each one with their own theme, and style to them, it was awesome.  Additionally my jaw dropped getting on the MARTIAN TRAIN!! Awesome work!

I sorted all the food!!! Well done! Also thanks for the banana joke, I totally thought it was a sausage at first!

Glad you enjoyed the environment!  In retrospect I probably should have made a 'okay' ending,  as the good ending has to earned,  or maybe the a npc that you meet before you reach your destination that can "guide" you to the good ending.  
I've only seen a couple of episodes of Samurai Champloo, but I can see where that vibe is coming from!  

Nice work!  Took me a minute or two the get the puzzle solving process started, but I did it! 

That was amazing, absolutely amazing.  The story drew me in, and kept me there, and the playlist really amplified experience.  Great job!

Had some chills going through autumn, even now just listening to the music again.  It was an absolutely lovely experience!