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A few bugs I discovered while playing, starting with the most major one:

  • Was using a PS4 controller on macOS Sierra, and while it is capable of switching between keyboard and controller on the fly as inputs are detected, if the PS4 controller is ever unplugged and plugged back in, no more inputs will be detected on it until the game is fully turned off and on again. Not sure if this happens on other machines/controllers.
  • If the jumping spider that chases you around the first area jumps past your crossbar vine, it appears to jump underneath it, layering wise, which looks strange.

and a couple of harmless visual bugs I can't seem to recreate:

  • Late in the tutorial, upon using my third charge the of crystal seed, 5 crystals seemed to pop out, but after landing only 3 of them stayed. Haven't seen it happen since though.
  • Another time while using a crystal seed in one of the safe areas, the crystals that popped out had their shadows layered in front of the crystals themselves, producing a dark shape on top of them, as opposed to behind them. I also saw this happen only once.