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Our official artbook comes with a guide in it:

You can download the walkthrough right here on itch!! :D 

We'll have to see what the stretch goals for our Kickstarter are! 11 days left to unlock and reach them ;)

Very soon! We're waiting on a handful of actors to do their pickup lines (lines that need redoing or were missed) then we'll be ready for release!

Hey there, that's... disappointing. I don't advise rebuying the game, I'll contact the person who runs JAST BLUE and ask for an update directly from her. For now, send an email to and someone will hook you up with a Steam code for the game.

 Thank you for your patience!

Make sure you turn it on in the settings! The game is voiced now all except Fawn's route, which is coming soon!

Check out our Kickstarter, we have the date on there! Thank you for playing and enjoying <3

Sorry, we don't know when - JAST controls uploads and we can't do anything to speed it up. It's been sent to them, so hopefully not long!


The game is still being updated on JAST :)

Just Fawn's route to go, a little later this month :)

Thank you so much!!! <3

Just delete and redownload :)

Wow, thank you so much for your lovely words. I'm so happy that you're enjoying it so much!!

Thanks SO much for playing!!! So happy you enjoyed it too <3 keep an eye out for our Kickstarter this month!!

Thank you! <3


All of those problems were fixed a couple of months ago - I suggest a complete reinstall :)

Thank you!

Hey there! He has his own story within TDS so he won't receive any DLC. However, a younger version of him is the main character in the prequel we are currently creating.

Yes, we have been told the Steam key will work even in regions where 18+ games are not allowed. 

Thank you!!!

Hey! We've posted this in most places but we've had some delays with the VA patch-it will take a little longer yet. If you're after the voice acting, it might be best to hold off for a bit! Thank you :D

Hi! Have you played the demo or beta? If so, please make sure you uninstall them and start a brand new save file as demo saves are not compatible. If not, please reinstall anyway and skip through the game to get back to that point - this is where the routes start, so there shouldn't be any issue there. Thank you!

Thank you so much <3

Yes, there's some issues with Ren'py and certain Macs, and unfortunately nothing we can do about it as we don't have a Mac ourselves. You should be able to play it on Steam, I think!

We've just uploaded a Mac specific build for those having issues with their OS and ren'py - feel free to give it a try!

Hey there! Yes, as stated before, this is where the game finishes.

Hello! This is the after credits scene, where the game finishes.

Hey there! This game is on hiatus while we focus on other projects for now, thank you!

Thank you!! We'll keep a prequel or sequel in mind, then <3

Hey! Yes, this is a collection of Patreon artworks, so it would be better for you to grab the OST!

Hi! Right now we only plan to have The Divine Speaker in English due to the length of the game. Thank you!

Hey! We'll announce when it's ready. We have a more detailed post about it on Patreon but rest assured our editor is going as fast as she can to complete it.

Hey! No plans to release on Android at this time.

Not abandoned, but on a small hiatus while we finish some other things up!

Yes, you can either download it directly from itch or use the code to redeem it on Steam, even in blocked countries.

Soon! To put a long story short, we're having to rerecord a section of Leos route due to loss of a file, but we'll have the Leos route patch up soon :) thank you for your patience! 

Hope you enjoy! <3

Thank you! Yes, it was kept abstract so that the players can think and decide for themselves - though someday we would like to maybe explore more about Lilika's past if there's enough want for it! Since we had less than two months to make the game with two people, we had to play around how much we could include and what would we could achieve, so I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Hi, please download the newest one!

Hi there! At the present time we have no plans for translations. If you would like a refund, you can contact support to request one. Thank you!

There are branching paths and many different endings :)