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I love it so far! But I already knew I would, you're one of my two favorite writers. 

Will we have a chance to choose our pronouns? I can appreciate "they" but having my identity represented is really important to me in games. 

Is everyone we've met a love interest? It seems there might be a poly route? I'm hoping that's avoidable while still being able to romance who we choose. 

I know you're super busy! Just wanted to let you know one of your biggest fans is really excited for more of your work. 

I just finished the demo for Gnarl's route and I am dying for more. Every time there was a screen break I was like "please don't be over yet". Do you have any ideas when we'll see a full route released? 

I'd also like to offer help for free if you need any. I don't know a ton of coding, but I can draw a little and I'm great with editing and grammar. Even if you don't need any help in the actual development, I'm donating through Ko-Fi. I'm just so desperate for more Gnarl. 

You're awesome. Now off to fall in love with Valerian. 

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This is one of the best games I've played on here, and I've played through a lot of them. It's truly beautiful. I STRONGLY agree that we need a proper reunion with Hao! However, I also played all routes in Pirate Mermaid and I'm dying to play through the whole game, it quickly became one of my favorites. :) 

Thank you for your hard work.