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New official City of Gray Trailer has been released!

Game Description

The moon shall run red and let loose shall be the demons from the Gates of Hell, as the Supplanter, the Healer, and the Counsel venture through the rings and their foes have fell. The Nine shall become One, the Timekeeper shall play his part...and the Supplanter will find freedom in Death…


" a curse, and I would never wish that fate upon anyone..."

James is a hellhound who was created to serve Death by collecting the souls of the dead and acting as a guardian of one of the nine rings of Hell. Believing that he lives a cursed existence, James soon discovers that his life is entangled with the whims of an ominous prophecy that seems to spell out his almost certain death. However, he refuses to believe that he is not in control of his own destiny.

Follow the story of James as he embarks upon his epic journey against a myriad of fantastical demons, angels, mythical deities, and monsters to fight against Death himself in a battle that will prove that love is a force more powerful than death.

Download Demo Today

More screenshots available on demo page

Thank you for the interest and support! This is the first game that we're working on developing, and I'm glad that we finally managed to get the demo up and going so that we can start focus on the main body of the game even more. We're excited to share the final game whenever we get it done!