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Okay, thank you for the explanation! I'm gonna go back and try to complete all the endings now, haha. Thank you so much again!

Oh, no, that's completely fine! It's still such an amazing game and I'm not actually disappointed about it only being friendships! I think it's really cute and I love how close they all become! Thank you again for making this amazing game! (And thank you for replying to all my questions!)

Okay, I'm back, sorry, I got the cutscene with Adrian after a bit, but I was wondering, do the routes get romantic? Because they're really cute but is there anything more? Also, when does the ending dialogue happen? After the guys take the money or? Also the extra date scene, is that after completing a character path, or after completing all character paths? I'm so sorry about all the questions, I get confused a lot. Still a lovely game though!

Okay, thank you! Last question, is the 'into it' ending the romance ending? I'm not completely finished with all the endings, but I've gotten one ending for Anzo, and I think I'm in love. I'm definitely not gonna forget about the characters anytime soon, so congrats! Thank you so much for making this!

Thank you so much for the reply! Okay, I'll try that! Although I was doing Adrian's route (picked only tables) and got two cutscenes I think? But never one with a CG which is why I asked. I'll try again though, thank you!

Okay, first of all, I absolutely love this game! The writing, the art, the plot, just everything about this game is absolutely amazing! I've only gotten two of Marcel's endings so far, but I can't wait to get the rest! Just a quick question, out of the three endings, is one of them a bad ending? Also, I found a small typo right after Val high-fives Marcel, I can't remember the exact sentence, I just remember that the 'be' is missing, haha. Anyway, keep up the amazing work! I can't wait to see what you make next!

Hi, I'm not sure if you still look at comments on this, but I'm having trouble getting the CGs. I can't seem to get them nor complete a character's route. Basically I'm really struggling, but I really like this game and so want to know how to complete it. So, can you let me know how to complete the character's routes? Thank you, and keep up the good work! The game is great so far!

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Oh my god. This is such an amazing VN. I loved every single bit (although, I found it odd how Paris and Braums end up together on Rafael's route. Not because I didn't ship it, they were freaking adorable, but because I've always found it weird to see people I can end up with end up with someone else when I don't play their route). I have never laughed so much in my life. I think this is the first visual novel that has actually made me cry, laugh, and smile so much. This was so adorable as well, I can't get enough of it, haha. The whole thing about discovering who Braums is killed me. I somehow didn't expect it at all? And Rafael too! Man, I love this game. Answer to questions: 

1. I played all of them and honestly, I loved the endings so much. Definitely cried about the whole Rafael thing though, but now I actually understand why so it's cool! Also, Paris' romance end, amazing. I laughed and at the same time I couldn't help but think how adorable Paris was about the whole thing. Honestly, loved it. 

2. Favourite part was when everyone was in the Ramen place. It was so friendly, funny and cosy, I just loved it. Least favourite was the whole 'bye Raphael' thing, but it actually made sense so I'm quite cool with it. Just putting it as least favourite because I have literally nothing else and it made me cry, haha. 

3. Paris. The whole, flirts with everyone but stops for Ash kind of thing killed me. I also have a thing for funny guys, and the fact that he was protective of Ash was too freaking cute. 

4. Maybe not, but at the temple scene in the forest, there was only a middle picture thing? Like, the forest was still at the bottom and top but the middle was the temple. That could be on purpose though so I don't know. 

5. Absolutely amazing, will definitely play again because I love it so much. I loved how we can customise Ash's appearance and how the backstory changes depending on the race you chose. I've never seen that before in a visual novel, really awesome. Literally can't think of a suggestion, it was brilliant. 

6. Actually, yes. 

7. Absolutely. If they're as good as this then there's no way I wouldn't buy it. 

Thank you so much for this! Keep up the awesome work!

Okay, thank you very much! I have no doubt that I will!

Hi! I really loved playing this game (I've only done Paris' route so far but it's amazing). I was wondering if there was a way to get the heart to 100%? I've only gotten it up to 95% and I'm kinda confused. Can we get more than 5% before we choose the route? Also, is there only one romance ending? I just want to make sure I got the best end so that I can move on, haha. Anyway, sorry for all the questions! This is an amazing game though, keep up the good work!!