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Turtle Dino

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Are you able to update the app for MacOS? Update Monterey says it's damaged so that it cannot be opened.

Do you still have the MacOS and Linux version?

Hey Deepnight, it looks like this might be a problem for another user that posted 2 days ago. Perhaps this is a problem that occurs on Windows 7 devices?

Thank you for the advice! I'll check those out. I'm excited to work with these as I'm using your assets to try to learn how to build games block by block.

Well, I'm using Godot, I'm just wondering what method you used to place all the blocks? I'd love to create levels with these assets, but am just wondering if you used some sort of autotiling to place all the intricate blocks/environment?

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Hey 0x72, I'm making a small game based off this asset in order to learn better. Question though: how do you place all the environmental blocks? I'm so used to auto-tile that I have no clue how to do this without placing one by one (unless there's a way to auto-tile these).


Dang! Well awesome job. Game maker is definitely a beast to master so I congratulate you on your work 

Just wondering, what engine did you use, and how'd you create this? What type of help and experience helped you along the way? Epic game, I look forward to playing it!!

Dope, dope, dope!

This is super awesome! Is there any way you can release the source?

Love the game! On the Mac version though (haven't tried Windows), there seems to be a mess-up with the screen while moving - I don't know if that's a VSync problem or what.

This is super awesome!

Not going to lie, I literally said holy shi- when I saw this. Awesome job.

That would be super awesome! I'm currently using this pack for a project and it's been super useful.

Awesome, yeah, if you're able to add the splash from the sludge (the one from falling) and maybe even the sludge pool (it currently has an animation, but I don't think it's the one shown on this site's gif, but I could be mistaken).

Is there any way that you can include the chest sprite separate of the Trapmoor placement and also maybe the particle effects coming off of the sludge?

This pack is awesome! Is there any way that you can add more enemies by chance and possibly separate sword/item sprites?