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Damn. Great art, story and voice acting. That intro/outro blew my mind. 

Haha thanks. Yeah sound was low priority I made this in like a day and I didn't even have time for stuff like the health bar, esc menu, better levels 


Thanks! No it's not your fault it's hard for everyone lol.

Thanks for playing it! 

Yeah that's true the boxes had too much health, too much shooting. The light is supposed to drop faster and faster and faster once it gets really low, or else you can't see anything anyway cause the point of light is so small. And yeah I tried to fix that sticking to the wall thing but decided to forget about it and get some sleep instead lol

Thanks! Yeah I started realizing that the platforming was more fun than shooting the "monsters" so I wasn't adding enough and then I kind of realized I had barely added any monsters and then was like OK, level 10's gotta be the monster level lol. 

Which level did you get stuck on actually? I can make that one easier

Aww yeah sorry. Like I said I made the later levels harder to make the game last longer cause I didn't have enough time to make a bunch of levels

Deserved 1st, solid game.