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ok :)

thank you for your kind words. Exactly ..currently it just play too few people, because I have it only released on and also do no marketing. I'm thinking about updating it again in the near future and then releasing it on steam.

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thanks and good idea :)

64bit or 32bit ..your choice :D

what do you mean with 34 bit?

thank you very much :)

thank you :)

more levels?

nice :)

thank you very much :)

quantos fps tem? e poderia talvez escrever em inglês? ;)

yeah i will test how low i can set it ..before you can not use the gui anymore

hi singingCoyote13,

do you try to change the quality settings and also disable the post effects?

in the next release i will also add the option to change the resolution.

cheers tom

it is free forever :)

thanks :D

thanks :)

i increase the downloads a little bit :) 10 more

oh okay yes i know the reddit subreddits playmygame etc. . yes i have 2 dollar renevue is from a friend :P

hi thanks for the informations ..can you send me the links to this websites?? subreddit? i have 480 views and 156 downloads so far .. i dont think that i release it on playstore or amazon app? the development is not finish at the moment ..and i prefer the pc platform .. for playstore i have to change the controls for tablets and handy .. also i use photon network with 100 ccu .. so only maximal 100 players can play the game at the same time ..if more want to play i have to buy a bigger package ..

i have got a 2 dollar donation.


I do not know what you mean with NY money ??

thx :) of course :)

Update to v0.55

- added quality settings
- added server region select
- added linux version
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Hi Guys,

today i release the first version of my little multiplayer party game. I hope a lot of people enjoy the game and as many people as possible play it.

Of course I am sure that there are still some bugs in the game. But the game is still in a very early stage.

Cloud Jumpers is A Physics Based Online Multiplayer Party Game with up to 8 players. There are different game modes. My plan is to add more levels and game modi while the game is in development.

Catch the Star!

Overcome the obstacles and try to catch the big star first to win the level.

Slap your Friends!

In some levels you have to slap as many friends as possible into the abyss to win.


  • Funny Multiplayer Action with physics based obstacles
  • Slap your Friends to the Abyss
  • Unlockable clothes and faces
  • Free to Play
  • 5 Levels and many more in the future
  • 3 Game modi and more in the future

If you like you can follow the development on our Discord Server.

Update to v0.55

- added quality settings
- added server region select
- added linux version