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This is some really good stuff! I really like the screen shake and the writing, disregarding the typos and such lol. Of course, really great art as well. I hope a gallery is planned for the future, wouldnt mind seeing the full pictures without text in the way ;)

If we can spar with Rhot, I hope we can spar with Roushk in the future!

For me my saves were in the file named “game” when opening the main file

The glowshrooms are not in the purification lake cave. You need to defeat Scar/Tank in the bandit camp first. You'll then have access to new areas which should lead you to the cave you're looking for. Its on the guide if you're still stuck.

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1. Meet the lizard tribe and do the lost acolytes quest to gain access to Forbbiden temple and Inner Shrine. Open the mysterious gate in Inner Shrine by finding all three pieces of a lizard statue. Go to underground Forbidden Temple and Wait for Roughsk

2. Find the recipe by studying at home.

Well, Hyao said he usually tries to update to public version a month after the Patreon version is updated. He also said that the update will come at the end of the month, so that could be tomorrow to the 31st (obviously)

Unfortunately, from what ive found, no not yet. I do agree it is strange that Rhot is not a relationship NPC. Maybe in a future update?

The guide has a full list of them. Check it out

Masterbate and youll get a special option

The acolyte (the one you tried fighting) was actually just a random enemy. Also, the failed attempt at saving the acolyte has no effect on the completion of the quest. The other two are located at the lake in the forest, and you have to investigate some warriors in the ruins.

Go into the bandit camp at night. Refer to guide until you have everything you need from there in order to fight Tank/scar. Go to track (Between home and Town) at night. Watch Scar scene. Go to bandit camp at day. Fight Scar/Tank. Everything goes smoothly from there

Excuse me for asking dumb questions, but have you fought Scar and Tank yet? That was the problem for me. You can see how to fight the two on the guide if you haven't. Assuming you haven't already unlocked the bridge yet of course. From there just choose "Find another way" when you're on the bridge to get to the cave. Explore the cave and you should find the glowshrooms. Then again, if you have done all of those things you could just redownload the game and transfer your save if it helps.

Hey Hyao, 

I'm currently using the public demo to play (really good game btw) but I have a question. I know supporters on your Patreon get early access to updates, but how long do you usually wait to update the public version? Is it a certain time span or is it whenever it is most convenient for you?

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Does anyone know  what house/“hideout” stats do? Like what is the purpose of defense or pheromones? Can enemies come to your house to attack you? Do pheromones attract lustful ones? Im in 0.14 btw if it matters