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I liked it, is there a way to fullscreen?

Great game- if this was on my phone I'd be addicted for a long time lol. Is there any effect from combos because I couldn't tell from regular gameplay

Im currently working on some maps, will they carry over into the update or would i have to publish them?

Hope to see it on steam! Replayed it and I think I was a bit harsh.


I liked the combat, minus the flying-eye-bitches that you cant hit because they are above you (but the pit that was full of them was a nice trap now that acid doesn't work without having to physically make traps (but if you tried to jump without tentacles because you wanted to explore, you would die with no way out)), and I loved how shooting traveled faster, went through magic projectiles, infinite ammo, and was fired at neck level, while the shadow projectile, stopped enemy magic projectiles, was a 'key' to some places, could be fired in the air, etc. It created a fun decision of 'when to use what where'. As I mentioned in another thread, this can  easily become a metroidvania if you add more rooms and maybe fun, non-required powers. However, in the current state this is a fun game, not a metroidvania. If you do not want a metroidvania and wanted to be a souls-like then I recommend adding more bosses, secrets, and shortcuts. I assumed this was supposed to be a metroidvania because of the castlevania-esque 'mansion-with-sewers' (only the monsters aren't Gothic, they're cosmic), and the fact you have to get lost only to find a cool power up to get lost in an even bigger map, but getting lost is impossible because of the linearity. If it is meant to be linear, make a more linear game (or combine metroidvania with dark souls (see hollow knight)). I wish there could have been more traps but you would have to code that. The animation was simple, I appreciated how there were different for staggering monstrosities and speed-walking cultists. The music wasn't very unnerving, but it wasn't bad or silent so 5/10 there. The sound was pretty good other than boss 1 panting which just sounded out of place in a pixel game (see undertale dialogue). On a side note, firing my gun was very satisfying thanks to that punchy recoil animation, delay, flash, everything. The monsters were very well made. The first boss was a very bad fight and required no effort to beat. I LOVE the look of the game,  mainly the eyes in the shadows and the pixelated aesthetic (and that final boss looked stellar ( ...get it?)) 

I agree. It didnt feel like a metroidvania, however, if some of the demo rooms (already with a lot of depth) are optional, and there are more rooms (could just be boring empty rooms with a memorable 'locked door' at the end). 

[SPOILERS] This is amazing! I got all endings and thoroughly enjoyed the game. I really liked the math puzzle. However, i had 2 problems. The first was that I had to use my journal as the second-to-last sacrifice. Looking at the last 3 gods and not knowing anything about them caused great tension, but also hopelessness. I was lucky enough to have a basic grasp of a few mythologies (and everyone knows Cthulhu ) to not end the world (Seeing the 'Endings' option on the menu made me excited to play and told me there were consequences for my actions, i liked that). Overall, I think you were trying to make the end a memory puzzle, but if you forgot you're flipping a (3 sided?) coin  The second problem was almost random solutions. Some made sense because they were in brochure/journal, but you tried to change it up a bit after a while. I think that putting a book in a pot makes no sense and I couldn't find any hints other than "this pot should be filled with something" and the journal entry about the god. On a minor note, the goddess of death's (talk about edgy amirite) brochure doesnt have any story or many details. I genuinely wanted to learn more about this death goddess and why she is memed into eating cheese puffs. I love your soundtrack, with Ending 2 being my favorite (Wandering was very nice too for a puzzle game setting)