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Really liked this one. You brought together farming and horror in an enjoyable manner.

I also enjoy that you left the text file in about taking lulu's hat, and then went back on that by letting players go to her character page.

Really enjoyed the game and I'm looking forward to the final version. Overall a 9/10

Good things:

Great art, really enjoy the style

While kind of long at times, I did enjoy the story. It got better after getting exposed to the whole game.

Scenes are fun, and I enjoy the customization options for the models

Feels kind of like a dating sim. Haven't found too many good ones out there so this was nice.

Things I think could change or use improvement:

I feel like my choices don't matter. The only one I noticed having a mild effect on what was happening was the dialog with Maeve in the bath. It would be fantastic if this could be non-linear, and have a few different outcomes based on what you say/do, and the time you do it.

Bugs or things that seemed weird:

You could only go to the forest and get the scene with Maeve after choosing the skip option when the end of game message pops up. The scene does not save to Maeve's profile. 

Art style is nice. There is a clicking noise when the stepmom talks though. I think it's punctuation, and it's kind of annoying to listen to. Looking forward to seeing a finished product.

Oh, being able to click on more things would be cool too, like inspecting them or having slightly different dialogue options if you click on the things (like clicking on a cupboard to open it and finding something lewd inside)

"Your older Tutor"

House Chores community · Created a new topic Showering

Please let the MC take a shower, it took so long before they were able to get in the shower, and they couldn't even get in there alone.  More shared shower scenes would be cool, but the ability to shower solo (just a pass time option or maybe some dialogue about smelling good?), would be cool.

Anyone else use the Xray vision to restore Maxine's eye sight when they're talking to her?

Skipped the story because I just wanted to get to the game. Made it to level 4. Going to download it and maybe play later. Really solid game. It reminds me of Chip's Challenge if it had a great sound track. Great job mate.

Thought the game was just the one wall at first, but I managed to get the hang of the controls and moved forward. I did not expect the metal arm to destroy the 2nd wall I came across. I did make it to the win, and that was some cool art.
Also, there was a surprising amount of sneezing in the tutorial.

Threw churro's at the guy's face. Would have probably been a better experience if I understood Spanish.

Liked the sound the piano makes when you kick it. Was sad the oven didn't blow up when kicked. 8/10

Above all else, I appreciate the warning. Played 1/80 minutes.

Guy could have walked faster....and happy endings are real...just not for that guy.