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Thanks! I'm working on it right now. I don't have any updates at the moment, but I will release a trailer for it at some point on my YouTube channel :)


I was inspired by Titanfall.

I would love such an opportunity! I am still looking to make this happen

1. Make a lot of games. If you make stuff, you figure out what you need to learn next, and then you learn that.

2. Windows 11

3. I made the game and uploaded it. I did not market or do any work to advertise the game.

4. I have made tutorials in the past but I found them a bit time-consuming. If you want good tutorials, check out 'The Shaggy Dev' on YouTube.

Word of advice: make games regardless if they're ever popular. I'm very fortunate to have an audience following my games, but in the end of the day, I enjoy making games because it's fun. Focus more on having fun :)

Make stuff :)

There is!

Collect the tape around the corner of the house, and go inside :)

Neat jam game! A few bits of advice:

The player controller keeps your current moving velocity whenever you leave the ground, and this makes platforming difficult if you make a slight input in the wrong direction just before jumping (which happened a lot for me). Being able to input direction in mid-air would help a lot.

The player speed is calibrated just right considering the size of the environment, but the acceleration could be a bit quicker. It takes half a second to go from standing still to full sprint, which feels a little laggy.

Outside of that, I was quite lost in the balcony section because it takes a bit to jump onto the railing. The capsule collider caused me to slide off an edge if I didn't land with more than half my character, which led me to believe I wasn't supposed to cross the balconies at all. 

I would think about changing the collider to a cylinder instead, which has a flat bottom instead of the capsule's rounded edge. But, cylinder colliders can cause issues like getting stuck on walls if you're not careful, so I say use your best judgement.

Another way to improve the balcony section is to change the chair collision shape to a ramp. This would actually compliment the capsule collider you have now, while the cylinder collider might have some collision trouble.

Lastly, the jump reaches the right feeling height, but the gravity is very heavy and interrupts the arc which makes the jump feel unnatural. I don't have as much experience programming jumping, so I can't speak much to it, only that it doesn't feel as reliable as it should be.

All in all, I think you guys actually did a decent job. These are just some of my nitpicks. 

Keep it up! :)

The character controller does not allow you to change direction in mid-air, so your character will commit to the direction you are moving before you jumped.

Without checkpoints, this means jumping and nearly missing a platform makes you restart at the very beginning, which can be a little frustrating.

These are fantastic!

You can! Start practicing as consistently as possible, and try making a bunch of different prototypes so you learn how to do all kinds of things.

Looking back, there's a lot I'd do differently, so I'm thinking about making a video on the topic instead. But I'm not ruling out releasing it altogether.

I don't remember where I first heard of it.

If you mean how I learned to use it, mainly creating a bunch of weird prototypes :)

That's pretty neat! I had a player do the same thing for one of my games, so it's more common than I thought.

The true antagonist of this game is the Coal Grabber.

I think I'm the only one who found the room with a copy of System Upkeep? I typed the code by accident so I'm not sure where you should be able to find it.

Glad you liked it :D

I don't know enough about the graphics library to fix it myself. I would just recommend checking if your graphics card & drivers are up to date.

This is a lighting bug with Godot. I think it has to do with graphics cards/drivers, which is out of my expertise :(

Made with Godot :)

And yes, I used RCEdit to compile the game into one executable.

Make sure the executable is in the same location as the ".pck" file.

Outside of that, not sure what the problem could be :(

No promises on a specific date, but it is inevitable!

Congrats on releasing your first game! I'm really honored that you listed Doghouse as an inspiration :)

Keep on making games!!

I believe it is TruVoice!

Hit "more info" then hit "run anyway"! This happens to everything I download on Itch

If you find a way to get out of bounds, you'll be able to use it!


Thanks for letting me know! It's difficult to track down gameplay in other languages haha