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I join the choir of Nitro Rad viewers. Also wanted to say, big shoutouts to a fellow Godotter! Godoer?... Whatever we're called!

I believe it is TruVoice!

KIOSK community · Created a new topic Update: Community

The game page was changed from a comment format to a community.

I believe this will be easier to discuss ideas and talk about how they'll be implemented in a more organized form. If you have ideas to share, make a new topic and we can talk about it!

NOTE: Due to this change, previous comments are not visible, but I have archived them. So don't worry about reposting any ideas you've already sent, as I have a copy of them saved!

KIOSK community · Created a new topic Videos

If you have any gameplay videos, please post it in this thread. I'd like to reserve the community mainly for discussion around ideas and how they'll be implemented!

NOTE: I do not expect anyone would have gameplay videos at this stage in development as there isn't much of a game, but this tab is here if/when people want to share their gameplay.

KIOSK community · Created a new topic Bugs
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If you encounter any issues, reply to this thread with a small report.

NOTE: Godot 4 is in alpha and using a new renderer called Vulkan. If you run into issues running the game, try updating your drivers. Feel free to report such issues below, though that is likely the only advice I can give.

Hit "more info" then hit "run anyway"! This happens to everything I download on Itch

If you find a way to get out of bounds, you'll be able to use it!


Thanks for letting me know! It's difficult to track down gameplay in other languages haha

I don't know of a fix outside of updating drivers. Vulkan is a new rendering engine so it might take some time for systems to catch up!

This is exactly what the game needs


You got it!

That is a neat idea! I'll see what I can do!

And I'm glad you're using the DS style in a new project. Sanctuarium Online inspired me to use it here! :)

Oh, well that's not by design. I'm not too sure what a fix might be then :/

That is the plan. I want to make Doghouse 3 a survival horror so I wanted to get feedback before I tried it out!

1. Yes

2. Yes

3. And yes

I know exactly how this'll fit in, thanks for the suggestion..

You can use it to get a code, but I don't want to spoil where it goes. Look up "Doghouse 2 All Endings" on YouTube if you're curious! :)

Oh that's by design haha. There's nothing to do in the game just yet, but I'm working on the next update!

That's a good question; I consider this a remake more than a sequel, so I suppose they are!

Ah man, thought that'd happen. Thanks for letting me know.

I'm using a new renderer (specifically Vulkan), if you update your drivers, it should hopefully work. If it doesn't, then I'm not sure. I'll need to look into it more.

Ah this goes really well with someone's suggestion of "a game inside a game". I like it!

Still a masterpiece

I like it! Bio-mutant people things!!

As always

#3. I was thinking the same thing!

#5. I like the setting too! I think this would go well with AlphaBetaGamer's idea for a game mechanic.

Woah, that mechanic sounds awesome!

'lil snake friend is 100% confirmed now

i never doubted it

She just chillin'

I plan to remaster these games eventually; whenever that is, I will make a browser version for each of them.

Never expected such a mashup, but it somehow perfectly captures the atmosphere from both of the source material. One big improvement over supra mayro kratt is that I actually knew where I was supposed to go on the track and I never got soft-locked (though I miss the voice-lines!) and I liked the roster (my main is the Cage). Impeccable work.

Fantastic 3D adaption of the source material.

Disorientating in the best way possible. The control scheme is so fun!

Wow, the expressive animations, as well as the soundtrack. The controls weren't nice to me, but I see the game is intended to be played with a gamepad. I liked it!

I'd love to see devlogs for this!