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Really enjoyable! Incredible atmosphere, fun movement, and nice replay value.

I also appreciate how the visuals are simple yet beautiful.

I want to speedrun it!

The instructions to turn on the lights confused me a bit, but wow this game is really neat. The frantic beginning got me really excited and interested in this strangeness, which I really enjoy.

Some really clever puzzles too!

The presentation and music are also bangin, good stuff.

Thank you! It's great to allow more people to have access to this wonderful VN.

I think in games like Pokémon they would keep the box up but just clear it whenever there's a new paragraph?

Might be a solution.

Super cute game, so much potential. Art is fantASTIC

One thing I would change is the way textboxes flash for a moment, it's a bit much on the eyes.

Art is really beautiful, sounds great too! I love Fuyu a lot, would love to see her more. Very very pretty game.

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This game has a really beautiful message about identity (brought some tears to my eyes), and it looks beautiful. The boss battle was a little tedious imo but the ending of it felt really exciting and it was a lot of fun. Love it a lot!

Take your time please! Thank you for everything.

yes, she is! such is displayed on brianna lei's tumblr faq

A very interesting experience with messages about dichotomy, and how many people in the world often view it as order, where it truly just restricts when it has been woven into society. At least, that's what I came out thinking about. I thought it was definitely powerful and intriguing, I would love to see more done with this sort of narrative style!